Medical Evacuations in India: Role of Air Ambulance

At ICATT, we keep getting questions such as what exactly is a medical evacuation? How does it work, and why and when do I need this? Today we’ll help you understand this technical term and why these life-saving services are important to understand.

Can we ignore the importance of an Air ambulance, especially when we have someone we love in an emergency? In health care, time is very important because it plays a very important role in saving a person’s life. There are situations where a delay of just one second can add to a patient’s life, and ICATT Emergency Services is the perfect solution for dealing with such cases.

Choosing an ambulance or medical aviation provider is an important decision in critical conditions. ICATT has extensive experience in arranging medical evacuations and return services.

We offer a fast, 24-hour response service and can arrange ambulances, medical or medical transportation services for patients and their families, medical care providers. Call us at 9701111156 (24 hours) for medical evacuation or call us.

What is Medical evacuation?

Medical evacuation transport, also known as medivac or medevac transport, is often required for patients who are hospitalized abroad and cannot be transported to another medical facility or returned to their home country by ground ambulance. Medevac patients are usually transported by fixed-wing aircraft with qualified aviation medical personnel who specialize in medical evacuation to ensure patient stability during transfer to the nearest eligible medical facility.

Today, as more and more people travel the world looking for work, visiting family, the need for medical evacuation or overseas medical services has increased. As Medevac flights are usually used for critical emergencies, patients and their families want to hire reliable international medical transportation services for evacuation. They need the highest security, experience and accreditation that only international services like ICATT can offer.

ICATT Medical Evacuation services in India, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services near me
ICATT medevac service is aimed at seriously ill or injured patients who need fast, safe and reliable medevac air transportation. You won’t find a higher level of security, experience and accreditation. ICATT has the coveted and award-winning CAMTS accreditation, which means we are the best in the business. CAMTS is the “Gold Standard” for Medevac suppliers. Only a handful of aerial drug companies have received such high accolades.

How ICATT evacuate someone? 

Evacuation is usually done by ambulance, often on a Lear 35 or 36. This is not your typical business jet with light seats, food service and hot chocolate chip cookies. Remember that medical evacuation applies to people with serious illnesses. Hence a real winged ambulance is used. 

The patient is usually strapped to a stretcher with a nurse, paramedic, or doctor specializing in intravenous medicine, medication, and other appropriate treatments to keep the person stable during the flight. Because the aircraft is small, usually only one patient attendant can accompany it on the plane. There is usually no room for more than a minimum of carry-on baggage. The heavier the load on the plane, the more it stops for refuelling.

How to organize your flights on the Medevac

To provide the best and fastest medical services for patients and their families, the contact person or case manager needs to provide all available information about the patient’s condition to our flight crew, including:

  • Patient health insurance card
  • Hospital/doctor-patient care and contacts
  • The patient receives a hospital/doctor and is contacted

What does ICATT air ambulance Medical Evacuation Transportation Service provide?

  • A highly specialized and widely trained medical professional team consisting of aviation doctors and nurses accompany the patients.
  • Various specialized medical supplies are available on each jet for long-distance evacuation transportation
  • Medically configured jet with basic equipment including stretcher, oxygen, monitor, ventilator, neonatal equipment and necessary medication
  • A long-range fixed-wing aircraft that resembles an intensive care unit and can fly in all weather conditions
  • A 24-hour mission response centre working with highly qualified specialists who have access to medical specialists and consultant doctors
  • Assistance with medical approval, hospitalization, ground transportation, commercial medical escort and flight control
  • Most competitively priced comprehensive medical services – almost anywhere in the world

ICATT air ambulance Medical Evacuation Transportation Service in India, Emergency medical transport services near me
Understand the role of an ambulance in a medevac

Initially, air ambulances were only used to transport patients who needed emergency medical care, but now their purpose is growing.

This is ideal when you need to reach areas that are not easily accessible by road. As a result, in many cases, the accessibility issues are bigger, which plays an important role in selecting air ambulance services in India. A reputable service usually has the following facilities and more:

  • The best beds with stretchers of different heights
  • All medical facilities and personnel are qualified to transfer patients from one bed to another
  •  A panel of specialist doctors, surgeons and assistants to monitor the patient’s condition
  •   The newest and most modern ICU arrangement
  •   Dedicated and caring members of the medical team


If you are looking for international medical evacuation transportation, you have come to the right place! With an emphasis on medical aviation and aviation safety, ICATT is the ideal choice.

We know how complex Medevac transport can be. That’s why our experts act as your Medevac porters and take care of all aspects of your medical evacuation transport. Our experienced case managers specialize in coordinating the worldwide transport of Medevac and arranging a safe, competent and complete evacuation for you or your loved ones – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call ICATT air ambulance at +91-9701111156 for a quote.

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