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Join the premier aero medical training program designed for ambitious medical professionals. Our Fellowship in AeroMedical Sciences (FAM) offers unparalleled training in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) and other critical care fields. 

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Fellowship in AeroMedical Sciences (FAM) 

The Fellowship in AeroMedical Sciences (FAM) is a comprehensive 12-month program designed for doctors aiming to excel in advanced emergency medicine, transit medical care, anesthesia, critical care, and trauma care. Created and managed by doctors, this program is offered in collaboration with ICATT and the Global Health Alliance. 

Diploma in AeroMedical Science (DAM)

The Diploma in AeroMedical Science (DAM) provides essential training for medical professionals looking to expand their expertise in aero medical services. This program offers a solid foundation in the principles and practices of HEMS and critical care.

Meet Our Directors and Trainers 

Dr. Shalini Nalwad


Dr. Nalwad, a graduate of Mysore University, holds a Fellowship in Anaesthesia from the College of Anaesthetists in Ireland and a membership from the Royal College of Anaesthetists, UK. She has extensive experience in critical care and aviation medicine. 

Dr. Rahul Singh Sardar


Dr. Sardar, a graduate of Karnatak University, also holds a Fellowship in Anaesthesia and a membership from the Royal College of Anaesthetists, UK. He has a background in Accident & Emergency and Acute Medicine, with significant experience in anaesthetic training. 

Dr. Rajay Narain


Dr. Narain is the Founder and Director of Global Health Alliance UK and a Cardiologist at St. George’s University Hospital, London. He is involved in various professional organizations and councils related to cardiology and stroke. 

Dr. Neal Durge

Clinical Director 

Dr. Durge, a consultant in Emergency Medicine at The Royal London Hospital, has over a decade of experience in pre-hospital care. He is a HEMS consultant with Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey & Sussex and is committed to improving trauma services. 

Dr. William McGuinness

Academic Lead 

Dr. McGuinness has a rich background in pre-hospital care, having worked with the TARGET service and as a HEMS Registrar. He is currently with the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust, focusing on emergency medicine training. 

Ready for an Exciting Career in Aero Medical Services?

About ICATT 

ICATT (International Critical-Care Air Transfer Team) was founded by Dr. Rahul Singh Sardar and Dr. Shalini Nalwad, pioneers in critical care and aviation medicine. Based in Bangalore, ICATT provides specialized air ambulance services with a focus on intensive care. 

Our Mission 

To provide world-class aero medical training and services, ensuring rapid and effective medical intervention for critical patients. 

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of aero medical training and services in India, setting new standards in emergency medical care. 

Why Choose ICATT AeroMedical Training?

Experience world-class education and career development that sets the gold standard in AeroMedical Training

Bespoke Training

The curriculum is crafted by a team of international experts from India, the UK, Germany, Norway, and Australia, ensuring it encompasses the latest advancements and best practices in the field. This tailored approach guarantees that each trainee gains the precise skills and knowledge required to excel in their unique clinical environments, whether in the Emergency Department, ICU, or trauma care. Our bespoke training program goes beyond theoretical knowledge, emphasizing practical skills and real-world application. Trainees participate in live drills, simulations, and hands-on practice, reflecting the challenging scenarios they will encounter in the field.

Global Expertise

The AeroMedical Training program is a unique collaboration between ICATT Air Ambulance Service and the Global Health Alliance (GHA), UK, bringing together medical experts from five different countries. This collaborative approach promotes continuous learning and improvement, where trainees engage with real-life case studies, cutting-edge research, and innovative techniques used globally. Understanding the nuances of patient care across different regions and adapting to various healthcare settings is crucial in a globalized world. The global expertise shared by our faculty enriches the learning experience, preparing trainees to meet international standards of care while enhancing their problem-solving abilities and broadening their clinical skills.

Professional Recognition

Trainees who excel in the program are considered for selection in ICATT's RAID (Rapid Assessment Intervention and Dispatch) team, providing them with a platform to work on groundbreaking projects such as India's first HEMS service. The program is recognized by esteemed medical bodies and institutions, enhancing the credibility and professional standing of our trainees. Trainees can leverage this recognition to secure positions in top-tier hospitals, healthcare organizations, and emergency medical services worldwide.

Master AeroMedical Skills with ICATT 

Advanced Specialization

Equip healthcare professionals with specialized knowledge and skills in emergency medicine, anaesthesia, critical care, and trauma care within aeromedical contexts.

Enhanced Patient Care

Prepare participants to manage critically ill and injured patients effectively, both in pre-hospital settings and during inter-hospital transfers using aeromedical resources.

Global Standardization

Align training with international standards through collaboration with renowned experts and institutions in aeromedical sciences.

Career Advancement

Facilitate career progression by providing you with opportunities for leadership roles and professional growth within the aeromedical field.

Excellence in Aeromedical Training 

Comprehensive Knowledge

Provide a deep understanding of aeromedical sciences, encompassing the physiological effects of flight on patients and the specialized medical interventions required. 

Practical Skills Development

Foster hands-on experience in aeromedical operations, including patient assessment, stabilization, and transfer techniques under simulated and real-world conditions.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Cultivate teamwork and communication skills essential for effective collaboration with multidisciplinary teams in diverse healthcare environments. 

Ethical and Cultural Competence

Enhance cultural sensitivity and ethical decision-making in delivering aeromedical care, ensuring patient-centered practices across different cultural contexts.


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