Helicopter Emergency Medical
Services in India

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Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in India

Helicopter emergency services (HEMS) are life-saving transportation services with high speed, strong mobility, and less vulnerability to any climatic conditions. HEMS are popular in every developed country’s healthcare systems across the world. HEMS could be used to save the lives of trauma patients who got injured in road accidents and major disasters. These services will provide great beneficial health services for severely injured people. To provide HEMS, the emergency medical team must need hands-on experience in dealing with the emergency situation.


ICATT is a pioneer air ambulance services provider with the hassle-free best patient transportation solutions. The ICATTs HEMS helps in improving the patients’ survival rate when compared to the ground emergency medical services. The main aim of ICATT is to provide the best helicopter emergency services in India for the trauma patients from every corner across the globe.

What is HEMS?

HEMS is an advanced form of pre-hospital emergency care service. It offers many benefits, including the ability to access expeditiously in remote-controlled areas. A highly trained team of critical care and emergency medical services, those doctors will be sent in the helicopter for the immediate medical care and transfer of critically ill patients.

The HEMS results in improving the chances of survival for the severely injured patients while travelling in air ambulances. ICATT provides the best air ambulance services in India along with emergency medical care, high levels of advanced life support, bed-to-bed transfers from every corner of India. ICATT HEMS helps in reaching the treatment locations within the golden hour of injured patients.

Want to know more details about the different types of helicopter air ambulances and its emergency medical services.

Benefits of HEMS

  • Experienced emergency medical care doctors
  • Stabilizes the critical health conditions
  • Transfer the patient to the nearest treatment location
  • Can access to remote-controlled areas
  • Increases the survival rate
  • Reaches the destination within short durations
  • Available for immediate organ transportation
  • Provides immediate medical care for major injuries

You can Use HEMS in India

  • If your family members are under Trauma conditions
  • If you impacted by the heavy accident
  • If ground ambulance unable to reach you
  • If you are in remote areas
  • If you are planning to medical tourism in India
  • If your pregnancy women having in critical situations
  • If you are looking for organ transplant transportation in India or Internationally
  • If you are affected with natural or human-made disasters
  • If you are suffering in reaching the nearest health care destination due to traffic snarls during medical emergency transfer

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Helicopter Ambulance Services In Emergency
Medical Conditions in India

Trauma Care with Helicopter Ambulance

HEMS is the quickest transportation service in all developed countries. The main aim of helicopter emergency medical ambulance is to transfer the trauma patients within the golden hour. Time is an essential element, especially in traumatic care with HEMS.

For any accident victim or critically ill patient reaching the nearest medical centre in the shortest span of time can be possible with ICATT’s helicopter emergency medical transportation services. During the evacuation, also the surgeons boarded in the helicopter air ambulance will help to stabilize the trauma patient health care destination.

Organ Transplant Transportation with HEMS

HEMS helps transfer the organs for the people who need immediate organ transplantation. These HEMS are helpful in saving the life of the trauma patients who are in the legal organ transplant list.

ICATT has all facilities to transfer the organs within the state of the art treatment equipment. ICATT has the global network to ensure a helicopter ambulance with quick response with the best organ transport services. ICATT’s long-lasting experience in HEMS delivers the best organ transplantation within minutes.

Emergency Pregnancy care with HEMS

For pregnant or postpartum patients, HEMS is the most useful emergency transportation service. To save the life of the woman and unborn child, ICATT’s HEMS is available with the best emergency pregnancy care service. A midwifery trained team from ICATT provides these most obstetric transport services. These services help in avoiding complicated travels in active labour conditions.

Disaster Management with HEMS

Natural or human-made disasters are the most traumatic situations where there is a risk of so many lives. During this situation, there is a need for immediate medical and transfer of critically ill or injured patients to the nearest treatment location.

ICATT is available in the next second when a disaster or emergency takes place in any area. During our plan of action, we are available with drones to spot the injured people. ICATT HEMS is backed by a team of skilled emergency medical staff to provide wound care and paramedic staff in transferring the patient.

Paediatric Transportation with HEMS

Even neonatal and adolescents face complicated medical challenges. A newborn with respiratory problems and premature baby needs intensive and effective medical care along with the immediate medical transfer.

This is possible with ICATT HEMS services. We are available with dedicated paediatric and neonatal transfers with advanced Paediatric Resuscitation equipment and incubators, which is essential in stabilizing those little patients.

Medical Tourism with HEMS

Medical tourism is the process of travelling outside the country for better medical services. The availability, quality, and cost of the treatments make India the best medical tourism destination for many international patients. HEMS also transfer the patients to other countries and is also available for retrieval from other countries.

ICATT’s best helicopter emergency medical services help to transfer the patients to the desired treatment location within a short duration. ICATT is the best air ambulance service in India for the medical tourists that tend to combine both travel and medical procedures.

International Patient Transportation with HEMS

The patients who want to cross the countries in traumatic conditions for better medical care services within a short duration. ICATT provides immediate medical assistance and safe transfer to anywhere in the world for the patients who got injured in emergency and non-emergency situations.

List of Cities available with ICATT’s HEMS

ICATT is a pioneer in Helicopter emergency medical services in India and has all types of air ambulance services, pre-hospital emergency services, and critical medical services. The ICATT helicopter ambulances are fully equipped to transfer the patients who are in traumatic conditions.

These ICATT air ambulances are more beneficial in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, etc. which have severe traffic problems, traffic jams, and fewer safety measures. ICATT transfers and repatriates from every corner of India with all emergency medical services.

  • Helicopter ambulance in Coimbatore India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Hyderabad India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Kochi India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Madurai India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Mumbai India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Patna India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Pune India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Raipur India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Thiruvananthapuram India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Vijayawada India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Visakhapatnam India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Bangalore India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Chennai India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Goa India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Jabalpur India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Kolkata India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Mysore India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Nagpur India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Pondicherry India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Raigarh India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Shillong India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Vellore India
  • Helicopter ambulance in Berhampur India

List of Facilities Available in Helicopter Ambulance

  • Bed-to-bed transfer services
  • Skilled and experienced emergency medical staff
  • Backed by qualified the surgeons to stabilize the traumatic condition
  • Can reachable to every corner of India
  • Available with ultra-modern emergency treatment equipment
  • Stabilizes the serious health condition before reaching the health care
  • Available with organ transplantation service within the golden hour
  • Available for neonatal and paediatric transfers
  • Available in emergency and non-emergency situations

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Cost in India

In every helicopter emergency medical transfer services time is the life which is only possible with ICATT helicopter emergency medical service. The main advantage of medical transfer using helicopter air ambulances includes providing the best emergency medical care services at an affordable cost.

The cost of the helicopter emergency medical service depends on the difference, which includes factors such as the severity of the conditions, number hours travelled and the type of helicopter used.

The cost of international helicopter emergency medical care services may vary depending on the type of facilities available, number of surgeons required during the evacuation, type of helicopter, number of landings required, number of hours travelled, the severity of the patient and distance of the destination.


Why choose ICATT Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

  • Available with disaster management
  • Available ECMO transfers
  • A well trained and experienced emergency medical team
  • Complete transparency
  • Can be reachable for everyone corner of India
  • World-class emergency facilities
  • Expert in stabilizing the traumatic conditions
  • Provides comprehensive helicopter emergency medical services
  • Affordable medical transport services
  • Also available with international evacuations

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is ICATT available with air ambulance services in India?

Yes, ICATT is available with the best air ambulance services in almost every city in India. These cities may include

  • Air ambulance services in Bangalore India
  • Air ambulance services in Chennai India
  • Air ambulance services in Goa India
  • Air ambulance services in Jabalpur India
  • Air ambulance services in Kolkata India
  • Air ambulance services in Mysore India
  • Air ambulance services in Nagpur India
  • Air ambulance services in Pondicherry India
  • Air ambulance services in Raigarh India
  • Air ambulance services in Shillong India
  • Air ambulance services in Vellore India
  • Air ambulance services in Visakhapatnam India
  • Air ambulance services in Berhampur India
  • Air ambulance services in Coimbatore India
  • Air ambulance services in Hyderabad India
  • Air ambulance services in Kochi India
  • Air ambulance services in Madurai India
  • Air ambulance services in Mumbai India
  • Air ambulance services in Patna India
  • Air ambulance services in Pune India
  • Air ambulance services in Thiruvananthapuram India
  • Air ambulance services in Vijayawada India

All the ICATT air ambulance services are fast and effective. Within a few minutes, the traumatic patient will be transferred to the nearest treatment location within the short span of time.

ICATT is available with all ultra-modern treatment equipment to stabilize the trauma patient before reaching the destination treatment.

  • Emergency ventilators
  • ECGs monitoring unit
  • CAPR equipment
  • Advanced stretchers
  • Cardiac monitors
  • Infusion pumps
  • Nebulizer machine
  • Suction machine
  • Oxygen cylinder

Yes, ICATT is incorporated with several multi-speciality hospitals in India to provide the best emergency medical care services within a short span of time.

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