High Risk Obstetric Transportation

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High Risk Obstetric Transfers

Perinatal morbidity and mortality are still very high in India. Pregnant women and newborn babies need continuous medical monitoring. They need immediate medical care and high-risk medical transportation at any time. When pregnant women experience complications, it may lead to life-threatening problems for both mother and child. In those situations, the air ambulance’s high-risk obstetric transportation services act as the best emergency medical transportation services.

These High-risk obstetric patients transfer services are ideal for pregnant women who can’t reach the health care centres from remote locations during that critical time.
These services help in saving the lives of both mother and child.

ICATT air ambulance services have hands-on experience in providing high-risk obstetric transportation. ICATT is available with all high-risk obstetric transportation services like postpartum and neonatal transfers, which are safe, effective, and budget-friendly. These services help in avoiding complicated travels in active labour conditions.

ICATT is backed by a team of experienced obstetrician and neonatal specialists who have immense experience handling emergency medical transfers for high-risk pregnancies. ICATT air ambulances are fully equipped with all NICU services. Medical transfers of high-risk pregnancies by helicopter emergency medical services will help to stabilize the transportation time with advanced world-class facilities.

What is High-risk obstetric transportation?

High-risk obstetrics is one of the life-threatening situations for pregnant women and her fetus. It often needs specialized care from specially trained medical specialists. The primary goal of transportation is to provide perinatal care for women and neonates who need immediate medical evacuation to the nearest health care centre from their remote locations.

Different complication faced by pregnant women which need immediate medical transfer

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Maternal medical complications
  • Preterm labour
  • Premature rupture
  • Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetic problems
  • Traumatic accidents
  • NICU care for 22 weeks and above gestations

How do ICATT’s air ambulance help in providing the high-risk obstetric transportation services?

  • Diminishes the risks of complicated travels during the maternity time
  • Provides the Pre-transport stabilization
  • Available with neonatal emergencies
  • Minimizes the out-of-hospital time for the patient
  • Special emergency medical care during evacuation
  • Available with all emergency respiratory equipment for premature infants
  • Stabilizes the obstetric complications during the evacuation
  • Transfers the patients to the nearest health care centre anywhere in the world

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Advantages of High-risk transportation service

  • Hassle-free transportation for pregnant women
  • Diminishes the risks of antepartum and intrapartum period
  • Also transfers the neonates
  • Ensures emergency medical staff
  • Ensure the ambulance the required resuscitative equipment
  • Transport patients from remote locations to nearest health care centre
  • Obstetric intensive care during evacuation
  • Stabilizes the hypertensive emergencies while travelling
  • Decrease the mortality rate caused by the chronic obstetric complication

How does ICATT provide the High-risk obstetric patient transfer services?

  • After confirming the consultation, the online emergency team asks you information about pickup location, type of obstetric complications, patient personal information, etc.
  • After knowing the complete details about our emergency medical team will reach the spot within a short duration (appx within minutes).
  • After reaching the destination, the emergency medical team took over the situation and boarded the patients safely into the air ambulance.
  • The team will try to stabilize the obstetric patient during transportation to avoid nlife-threatening complications by providing the emergency obstetric services
  • The patient will be transferred to the nearest hospital for better medical care.

Why choose ICATT for High-risk obstetric patients transfer in India?

  • 14+ years of experience in High-risk obstetric transportation
  • Backed by skilled and experienced obstetricians
  • Budget-friendly for any emergency medical services
  • Most successful air ambulance services in India
  • Successful transfers 10000+ high-risk pregnancy women
  • Available in every remote location of India
  • Available with emergency medical staff, flying medics and paramedical team
  • Accomplished with the multi-speciality hospital to provide immediate medical care in an emergency
  • Available with comprehensive helicopter ambulance for pregnancy women transfers
  • Aims to provide all emergency care situations
  • Easily available
  • Can reach to every corner of India for evacuation
  • Complete transparency
  • No extra charges and hidden charges

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FAQs about High-risk obstetric transportation

Who arranges ground transportation from the aircraft?

ICATT also arranges the ground transplantation from the airport after evacuation.

ICATT is fully equipped with helicopter ambulances and flight ambulances for maternal transfer. ICATT allows customized air crafts for their evacuation.

Depending on the type of transport, ICATT has all the necessary medical assistant teams. This team may include MBBS surgeons, MD certified doctors, emergency medical staff, cardiologists, neonatal specialists, orthopaedics, trained nurses, paramedic staff, etc.

ICATT air ambulance services also reach the accident location when the trauma patient needs immediate medical evacuation.

ICATT air ambulances are fully equipped with all NICU services and transport the patients within a short duration, either planned or emergencies. We are available with all type of transportation services which include

  • Trauma emergency response transportation
  • Planned air transfer
  • Neonatal and paediatric transportation
  • Organ transportation
  • Disaster management transportation
  • ECMO transfers

The cost of the high-risk transportation service depends on the severity of the patient, the type of aircraft used, the number of hours travelled, the destination of the hospital, medical staff on board, etc. If you want to ask more queries, contact ICATT air ambulance services now.


Yes, ICATT air ambulance is also available with the bed to be transfer services for pregnant women who are suffering from obstetric complications.

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