ICATT Air ambulances services mainly provide emergency medical transportation facilities to enable patients to travel from one location to another.

 The concept of an air ambulance is growing in popularity and has its reasons. The term “golden hour” is often used in the medical field and generally defines a patient’s chances of survival in the first few hours after an injury or health complication. Proper care and access to the right services greatly increase the chances of recovery.

If you become suddenly ill or seriously injured in India or face similar situations overseas, ICATT Air Ambulance Worldwide arranges for a safe and comfortable flight home. Our experienced pilots and caring medical staff are available any time of the day or night.

Our various services are tailored to the needs of patients of all ages and types. Our airlines to or from India are reserved for patients whose injuries or illnesses require intensive medical care and do not allow them to fly commercially. We also arrange stretchers or other medical equipment on international flights, provide medical escort for commercial flights for patients who are not in emergency medical care but need assistance.  

This article provided by ICATT gives information about Best Services ICATT Air Ambulance in India.

What is an air ambulance?

Air Ambulance is a term that combines air transportation with basic emergency medical services that can transfer sick or injured patients to and from health care facilities and from any place. 

 In recent days, fully equipped air ambulance such as ICATT has become a considerable choice. People prefer first-class health care.

Importance of air ambulance in India?

ICATT in India is one of the main service providers offering medically equipped aircraft in an emergency. It is easier to move patients from one region to another and sometimes from one country to another.

Thanks to socio-economic developments and better living standards, many would prefer such services because of their time-saving nature. Also, regular ambulances take a long time to transport, which can pose health risks. In such a case, it would be more appropriate to use an air ambulance service.

There is a demand for air ambulance service providers such as ICATT, whose planes are equipped with high-tech medical equipment to monitor and treat sick patients. It has all the life-saving devices and even can move critically ill patients without a problem.

The advantage of an air ambulance is that it involves a higher level of care. Many patients cannot cope with the inconvenience of ground transportation and the possibility of their condition worsening, especially when it comes to long-distance travel. Travelling safely in an ambulance can reduce the risk of deteriorating the patient’s health.

Best Services ICATT Air Ambulance in India 

Double stretcher option

A fully equipped dual stretcher ambulance can be used to carry two patients to the ICU simultaneously.

Special aircraft ambulance – the best option for patients

Transferring seriously ill or injured patients can be cumbersome and complex, but the entire process can be reduced with a dedicated ICATT emergency flight service.

Emergency services such as the ICATT employ a fully professional ground crew and highly qualified mission crew who have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure optimal patient safety and comfort during discharge. Thanks to the long-term service of the ICATT ambulance.

Flexible configuration

With the new ICATT air ambulance configured as a dedicated ambulance, the ICATT can carry two patients or one patient and a passenger. It has a unique flexible cabin that can accommodate up to four passengers – in a fully equipped cabin with a bathroom separated from the medical unit via a curtain. However, the aircraft also has a dual cabin configuration that simultaneously allows two patients to be transferred to the intensive care unit. This may include moving the baby to an incubator and the mother on a stretcher.

Fully equipped

Dedicated ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment – from defibrillators and monitoring systems to vacuum mattresses – and have handy oxygen reserves. The auxiliary unit can keep the air conditioner running even when the motor is not in power mode, thereby maximizing comfort for passengers, patients and medical staff. 

Also, the aircraft is designed for speed and ease of access – it has a very short 

refuelling time that allows it to stop fueling in less than 30 minutes. Its specifications also allow it to take off from airports short, meaning it can land at an airport close to home, where the patient is treated, minimizing travel time on land. The air ambulance can take off even in hot temperatures, making it ideal for missions in certain African countries, for example. The aircraft’s automatic degreasing system means it is suitable for all environmental conditions.

Peace of mind

Safety is also an important feature of the ICATT air ambulance. The aircraft is certified to conform to modern aircraft safety standards and is equipped with a satellite phone that the crew can use to stay in touch around the world during flight.

It is a priority for the ICATT to ensure that patient health remains stable during transport from the pickup hospital to the destination. The ambulance planes are equipped with a highly experienced medical team, including doctors and nurses. The team is also multilingual and can communicate with patients, relatives, and medical staff – another key factor in the ICATT mission to ensure everyone’s safety in inpatient discharge.

Offer services in remote areas

Hospitals are usually built far from remote areas. Therefore, patients from remote areas are often unable to reach the hospital. ICATT Air Ambulance serves these people in emergencies by sending them to the hospital or transporting the medical team to the site.

Save more lives

ICATT is committed to serving people and getting medical care quickly to save more lives.

Here are also a few of the things that make ICATT Air Ambulance Worldwide stand out from other medical air ambulance:


Each flight is controlled by a staff member who is specifically tasked with taking all precautions and maintaining open communication between all participants. Your flight coordinator arranges ground transportation, receives the necessary medical documents and informs relatives of flight status. The flight coordinator will also help you assign the appropriate medical staff for your flight to or from India. Our doctors, nurses and other medical staff are trained in the emergency department and take all the comfort and care of the patients you care for, your loved ones or yourself.

To schedule air medical transportation, call ICATT Air Ambulance Worldwide by dialling at +91-9701111156 or email us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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