6 Essential Tips For Emergency Patient Transportation

From time to time, we hear stories of air ambulance emergency services saving lives by transferring patients to medical facilities at the right time. When ground transportation is deemed inappropriate for rescuing patients in remote or rural areas, patients rely on medical air transfer services. According to ICATT, about 30 per cent of the Indian population depends on emergency medical services within the first 60 minutes of an accident.

Although most medical air transfers are simple, some air transfers are complicated, depending on their condition. In an emergency, patients or their families often don’t know which airline to trust. Most don’t even know what questions to ask the ambulance.

Here in this article, ICATT gives five valuable tips you can use to optimize your patient’s medical air transfer to reduce stress.

6 Essential Tips for Emergency Patient Transportation 

Patients and their families usually rely on hospital managers and social workers to transport them to hospitals. While some are simple as discharge from the hospital, others are more complex. Some patients require air medical transfers to high-end specialist centres. International passengers who are sick or injured may need an ambulance to return home for treatment.

The more critical the situation, the more valuable his time. ICATT Air Flight is committed to accelerating safe medical air transportation and providing health care professionals and patient families with useful strategies to save valuable time.

Tips to look for Emergency Patient Transportation are:

Select an accredited airline

An airline service provider’s accreditation shows the company’s efficiency and quality of service to its customers. Before choosing an ambulance, you need to ensure correct accreditation. Some mandatory accreditations an air transfer company must have include CAMTS, FAA and NAACS. CAMTS accreditation is a sign of trustworthiness and reliability.

Provide details of the patient’s health, location and insurance

Since medical air transfers are not performed daily, patients or their caregivers must know what is necessary to arrange medical air transfers. They include:

  • Information about the patient’s current health condition
  • Name and location of the patient for travel preparation
  • Insurance details to determine if ambulance coverage is available
  • Name and location of senders and recipients (if any) medical centres
  • Details of the companion or family member accompanying the patient during the flight (if available)

This information will help the air transfer company arrange the necessary medical air transportation according to the patient’s condition and ensure a comfortable journey.

Review ground transportation and ongoing patient care requirements

Patients may need constant health monitoring or assistance with walking in certain

medical conditions. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the flight services provide patients with special and long-term care after the flight. Be sure to notify the emergency company in advance if the patient requires such services. ICATT offers all ground transportation for patients from bed to bed and a licensed medical companion to ensure patient safety to their desired destination.

Coordination of approval of aviation insurance or drug membership plans

Obtaining insurance approval for emergency services is a time-consuming and complex process. Aviation medical companies usually have a team of specialists dedicated to this task. However, many insurance companies only cover nearby facilities’ airline fees and do not offer coverage outside the area. Some may even disagree with the price that the airline has set for the transfer. In this case, the remaining invoice is the responsibility of the patient.

To ensure our customers are protected from ambulance fees’ financial burden, we at;

ICATT offer membership packages. This package provides our members with world-class access to the best aero-medical services around the clock. Users can choose from various exclusive family and individual membership packages tailored for yearly, short-term, longer stays and student plans. This plan covers a variety of factors and deadlines at no additional cost.

Define a point of contact for receiving patient updates

Transfer via air does not have to stress the patient or family. Airlines typically have flight coordinators who manage all ground and air transfer logistics and communicate with families, health care professionals, and insurance companies. To avoid communication errors, establish a point of contact for receiving patient updates and medical flight status.

Medical Equipment flights 

ICATT provides patients with safe and comfortable transportation, regardless of their condition and walking distance. We have a fleet of air transport aircraft, including fixed-wing ambulances. They are all medically configured and equipped as hospitals. From national to international medical air transport, you can count on our experts to take professional precautions. We offer emergency medical transportation, airlines, commercial medical escort, medevac, medical repatriation and organ transportation. We also conduct medical flights for newborns with our newborn isolate incubators.


ICATT Air ambulance is an award-winning air ambulance provider committed to our 

mission to provide uncompromising standards for critical medical and patient care. We are fully CAMTS and EURAMI accredited, FAA and NAACS certified. When you choose us as your medical air transfer provider, we will make sure patients and their families receive an ambulance. Our state-of-the-art jets are at your disposal as our certified medical team works seamlessly to provide you with impeccable service around the clock.

ICATT is a pioneer in the air transport industry, accredited by bodies like CAMTS – has an impeccable safety record. ICATT aero-medical crew is highly qualified and holds the relevant certificates. Our aviation medics and flight nurses are continuously monitored, trained and assessed. Our pilots have many years of experience in transporting patients safely. Each aircraft was piloted by a very experienced pilot and two pilots with an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)  rating.

Our 24/7 support staff is very helpful and experienced. They coordinate all medical air traffic promptly. They are the point of contact for all medical air transportation needs and can effectively resolve emergency and stress situations by explaining medical air transportation details.

The ICATT team is there for you every day, around the clock at +91-9701111156 or online at www. ICATT. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance referring a patient. Or To find out more about our emergency medical transportation, give us a call today.

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