How Does An ICATT Air Ambulance Work?

Ambulances are broadly classified into air ambulance, ground ambulance, and water ambulance. Ambulance flights provide the highest revenue contribution in the ambulance market. Medical tourism in developing countries such as India has driven the growth of the ambulance segment.

If you become suddenly ill, seriously injured in India, or if you are from overseas in a similar situation, ICATT Air Ambulance Worldwide arranges for a safe and comfortable flight home. Our experienced pilots and caring medical staff are available at any time of the day or night.

Our various services are tailored to the needs of patients of all ages and types. Our air ambulances to or from India are reserved for patients whose injuries or illnesses require intensive medical care and do not allow them to fly commercially. We may also arrange stretchers or other medical equipment on international flights or provide medical escort for commercial flights for patients who are not in emergency medical care but need assistance.

Here are just a few of the things that how does an ICATT Air Ambulance work?

What is an air ambulance?

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An air ambulance is a specially designed helicopter or aircraft equipped with specialized medical equipment, including medication, ventilators, EKG and monitoring equipment, CPR machines, and stretchers. These planes transport injured people or critical patients to the hospital for medical treatment. Ambulance jets are ordered when the patient is in a remote location or in an area that does not offer advanced medical care. The ICATT Air Ambulance is usually equipped with doctors, highly qualified paramedics and first aid. When ambulances are actively working with patients, air traffic controllers (ATCs) offer them specialized care. Some ambulances may also be medically unsuitable, and bodyguards only transport the patient from point A to point B.

ICATT Ambulance license in India:

ICATT has a licence from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which is the licensing authority for regulations of emergency services such as air ambulance providers. Major hospitals are joining forces with airlines and governments to create better and more efficient emergency medical services in India.

How does an ICATT Air Ambulance work?

Emergency call

Someone in need calls 9701111156, and this puts him in touch with the call manager at the ICATT air ambulance Service.

Emergency services

They record basic details such as the patient’s condition and location, then record the conversation.

Emergency severity analysis

The call is classified as green (not an emergency), yellow (emergency, but not life-threatening), or red (a life-threatening emergency, e.g. heart attack, stroke, severe RTA)

First quick answer

The dispatcher immediately determines the nearest air ambulance, fast-reacting vehicle, or first aid for the accident.

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HEMS inspection

The HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) operator oversees each protocol and is responsible for setting up the air ambulance.

HEMS Campaign

They evaluate all yellow and red’s calls to determine if they qualify for an ambulance response.

They look at:

  • The patient’s condition (is it critical in terms of time)
  • The location of the patient (how easy it is for the ambulance to reach the patient)
  • Where should the patient go?

ICATT Air ambulance notification

If an air ambulance is required, the HEMS Dispatcher will call the “red phone” at the ICATT Air Ambulance.

Crew on standby

The crew is on standby 24 hours a day.

Answer from paramedics

Paramedics answer the call and record the patient’s condition, location and other important information.

Preparation for flight

Meanwhile, other medics and pilots get into the helicopter and take off.

The helicopter flight to the location

From here, the helicopter can be air in three minutes. It flies at a speed of about 140 mph, which is about two miles per minute.

Treatment throughout the journey:

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If the patient is in serious condition and requires treatment, doctors in the air ambulance provide ALS and BLS equipment with the necessary treatment throughout the journey. If required, they use ECMO.

Hospital transfer

From the scene of the incident, the ICATT Air Ambulance can fly to the nearest best hospital.

Average response time

We were at the incident location for an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour.


In short, saving time for our friends and family is the first step in an emergency. ICATT Air Ambulance Service in India aims to track time and distance in an emergency and save loved ones’ lives.

For more information contact ICATT Air ambulance at +91-9701111156

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