Integrated Air Ambulance Services in Bangalore – Saves Lives in Medical Emergency

Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore) is the capital city of Karnataka, a state in South India. The city is the centre of India’s high-tech industry and is known for its parks and nightlife. With an area of 709 km2 and a population of over 84.3 lakhs, it is a major destination for the medical care of critically ill patients.

The ICATT air ambulance service serves the urgent medical needs of people who are far from city limits. Unlike other helicopters, this helicopter is specially designed to transport victims in an emergency. A number of specially trained and qualified emergency doctors and paramedics will be present on all air transfers. This service provides assistance to all types of accident and emergency patients, including paediatric patients.

All lifesaving equipment will be on board, and even the toughest patients can be moved with the help of ICATT emergency services. Apart from emergency patients, organs from brain dead patients are also transported to various locations for transplantation through this emergency network. With the introduction of this network and existing services in Bangalore, emergency services will be available to people in all parts of India.

ICATT Air ambulance Bangalore service includes:

ICATT’s team of doctors take care of highly critical patients during transportation in India, trauma emergency response team near me

Ambulance planes are the best environment for transporting patients for several reasons. They are fast, convenient, reliable, etc. ICATT’s team of doctors are highly trained and competent to take care of highly critical patients. Our services are far  superior to others in terms of medical care, costs and equipment.

ICATT Air Ambulance Services Bangalore provides:

  • Domestic and international patient transfers
  • Dedicated airport support for fast and easy boarding.
  • Arrangements for portable rescue equipment such as defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps, spine, balloon pumps, pacemakers, monitors, oxygen bottles, stretchers and anything else needed to maintain optimal health and safety.
  • Give the patient medication, monitor him or her, and provide care during the flight.

Medical transfer: In a crisis or disaster condition, most of the patients must be hospitalized immediately. Delays in ground transportation can result in the death of the patient. In such circumstances, it is important to transport the patient by air. It has been proven that our services work well in such a situation.

Traumatic crisis transfer: Even in times of crisis, some injury-related illnesses require clinical assistance since the patient is injured. Even though the patient is being turned in, clinical care becomes a necessity. This assumes that there is clinical equipment in the vehicle that is not being moved. To provide our patients with the necessary facilities at all times.

ICATT Air Ambulances Emergency patients transportation services in Bangalore, One of the best Flying Emergency services in India

Planned air transfers: There are some patients who do not experience a crisis but have to go to a clinic for treatment. With this in mind, they require special air transfers to the medical clinic which are also provided by us. Clinical care is provided by our dedicated group.

Organ transfers After death, many organs are still functioning and must be transplanted into another body. The complexity lies in the fact that these organs do not last long outside the body. Therefore, they must be regularly transported by air in order to reach their destination on time. We have a special group for this exchange.

ECMO Transfer: ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, can also be a real life-saving method that we provide to seriously ill patients. The group which is the main authority in this matter is readily available with us.

Neonatal: Unlike adults, the conditions in both pediatric and newborn patients can be misleading. They need the best possible care and a paediatrician. Basically, all specialities are available.

Obstetrician: OB-GYN is a specialist in women’s care and reproductive health. Obstetrics specifically deals with pregnancy and childbirth, and gynaecology involves treating the female reproductive system.

Air Ambulance transport is the fastest way to move seriously ill patients from one facility to another. This is especially important for pregnant women as they need help immediately.

ICATT Air Ambulance fastest way to transfer seriously ill patients in India, high-risk medical transportation team near me

Disasters: During the fiasco, Bangalore was in great demand with air ambulance prices. We have large air ambulance planes that can take any patient directly to the clinic.

Evacuation flights:  Some people need to be evacuated early from an area that has earthquakes, volcanoes, battle zones, biomedical hazard, etc.  For this kind of assistance, we offer all specialist doctors for assistance. 

COVID patients: COVID sufferers who need to be moved from one place to another are in dire need of emergency care. There is a high demand for quality hospital beds.

How can a COVID patient be isolated in an ICATT air ambulance?

To avoid infection, coronavirus patients must be transported until they are completely isolated. ICATT Ambulance aircraft are equipped with modern separators pods for this purpose. The patient has a comfortable and safe place to lie down. Because the device has negative pressure, the virus cannot escape. The ventilation system supplies the patient with oxygen and prevents the virus from spreading in the air used.

If necessary, the aviation doctor can take the necessary medical measures through the various ports and thus provide the best possible medical care for the patient and at the same time ensure the safety of all accompanying people.


Coronavirus pandemic has put health care on the priority list of every Indian. Everyone will seek to ensure the safety of themselves and their families as they assess the health infrastructure around them. With ICATT Air Ambulance, making ambulance facilities accessible, we hope to have more people from the first and second row cities signed up for our services. 

We will arrange for your ambulance flight as soon as possible. Our jets transport coronavirus patients and ensure a safe flight home. We handle the entire organizational process, provide you with all necessary ground ambulances and coordinate all pick-up times. 

Our team is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on weekends and holidays. Contact ICATT at +91-9701111156.

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