To transport your family member or a loved one who is in an emergency medical condition from a remote area to a higher medical facility is a daunting task. Thanks to ICATT Air Ambulance. ICATT is the only air ambulance service, has an inhouse medical team to help the patients 24/7 from one city to another by following international levels of protocols. Air ambulances are usually in the form of fixed wings or helicopters. When it comes to air ambulances ICATT is one of the most respected services in our country. 

Air Ambulance is equipped with medical equipment, similar to that of an ICU ward. One should know everything about ICATT services because choosing the right air ambulance is an absolutely critical part of the transfer. This article gives you information about the Services provided by ICATT air ambulances.

What is an air ambulance?

Air Ambulance is an aircraft usually a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft which is equipped with specialised medical equipment that can be used to transport critically ill or injured patients quickly, smoothly and efficiently over long distances. Air Ambulance has aero-medically trained personnel that includes medical staff, medical equipment and monitoring equipment as well as patient-specific related care medical or non-medical equipment.

Why do you need an ambulance?
ICATT Advanced medical equipped Air ambulance facilities for critical ill patients transport in Hyderabad, High risk medical transportation near me

The typical reason why people use air ambulances:

Air ambulances are used for transportation from remote areas after an accident or for the transfer of critically ill patients. In general, every patient whose condition is so critical that every minute matters and these few minutes can be the difference between life and death. Here are some of the most common reasons for providing patient transportation:

ICATT Services:- Everything You Need to Know

ICATT Air ambulance provides world-class patient repatriation services in India and internationally. We are fully equipped with professional and highly qualified staff who offer exceptional care in emergencies. We offer air and land ambulance services with skilled nurses and doctors. If there is a severe injury or illness in children and adults, please contact us immediately. We will assess the situation and determine where patients should be taken to intensive care as needed. 

ICATT Air Ambulance Role:
Patient care during Transport by ICATT Air Ambulance, One of the best helicopter ambulance services in India

Medical care for patients during air evacuation can be divided into three categories:

Provide Service to Medically necessary patients:

Comprehensive Patient Transfers by ICATT Air Ambulance, One of the best Flight Emergency Medical Services in India

ICATT Air Ambulances are often needed if “medically necessary” which is after a severe accident where you might not have survived the trip to the hospital with a conventional ambulance, just because of the time and medical constraints of the crew. As mentioned above, the use of an ambulance is medically considered necessary when minutes are important.

Here are some scenarios where ICATT services are used medically:

Provide Experienced transportation team:

ICATT Air Ambulance Medical Flight Transport Service In Hyderabad, best Flying Medical Emergency services near me

ICATT Air Ambulance provides highly qualified personnel (rescue workers, paramedics, additional staff, and dispatchers) who know how to treat their patients with compassion. We respond to the patient’s needs. ICATT ambulance staff focus on excellent and high-quality health care, treat our patients with respect and give them the personal attention they deserve. 

Provide transportation at all times 24/7 depending on your needs:

ICATT Air ambulance in India is your trusted partner for any medical repatriation. Our experienced staff are available at all times. You can arrange medical transportation by fixed-wing aircraft, commercial airliners and helicopter You can inquire by contacting us by calling +9701111156 or visiting our website at

Medical Ambulance transport can be classified according to patient needs. The standard protocol is to take you to the hospital or doctor of your choice in an emergency. They also take you to regular treatment and then take you home. 

Provide Intensive care Unit flights:

ICATT Air Ambulance ICU Equipment services in India, best Critical ill patients transportation near me

We can offer emergency transportation for intensive care in India. We use a complete ambulance, which is equipped by experienced medical professionals, to ensure that the flight is as smooth and safe as possible. The ambulance that we use has permanently installed intensive equipment for the best medical care during the flight, if necessary, with additional equipment. This flexibility ensures that patients can be transported quickly and safely from home to hospital vice versa at any time and in the shortest possible time.

In addition to aeroplanes, medically equipped helicopters are also available in India. We can provide patient transportation from bed to bed service as long as the participating hospital or clinic has a place for helicopter landings.

Equipment in ICATT Air Ambulance:

In addition to a highly qualified medical team, the best patient transportation also offers modern medical instruments. Our high level of medical care consists of rich medical knowledge from medical staff and several modern devices. When transporting patients, the personal ambulance medical team ensures the highest standards in patient safety. We work together, check travel reports and ensure patient safety.

The equipment in most ambulances is the same as in the intensive care unit:  

ICATT Air Ambulance flying ICU Service For Critical ill patients during transportation in India, 24/7 Air Ambulance services near me

ICATT air Ambulance will carry a full supply of drugs such as adrenaline, propofol, beta-blockers, anticoagulants (blood thinners) such as heparin and many other emergency drugs. 

Thanks to universal equipment in ambulances, we can transport ventilated patients safely and quickly. All medical equipment and medicines carried on board are specifically selected to meet the needs of the patients being transported. In this way, we can ensure at all times that we offer the best medical care to every patient.

If the baby or child needs to be transported, additional equipment for a newborn child may be needed. If necessary, special medical devices will be available:

What is the Cost of ICATT Ambulance?

Several factors influence the cost of air ambulances or medical transfer. The most influential aspects include the distance of the aircraft from the patient area and the time available to move the patient. The closer the plane is to the patient, the lower the cost. Don’t look for a cheaper one as this will be a matter of life and death. 


Find an air ambulance company that has been around for years and has a good reputation.  ICATT services with experienced crews and doctors, are available for you at your time of need. At your hour of need book our air ambulance. We provide all care at an affordable price. For more information about the ICATT, visit our website or contact us at +91-9701111156.

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