Cost may not be the factor when it comes to life! Isn’t that how we all feel. Many people are worried that Air ambulance services are expensive. ICATT is working hard to make sure air ambulances are accessible to all my making the cost of the service affordable.

No one can predict when we need emergency services in the future, so it is better to do little research. Try to find out as much about how the ambulance company works, what services they provide, and how much it costs but most importantly the cost of the service.

Here in this article are a few factors to help you understand how an air emergency company charges you.

What makes an Air Ambulance so expensive?

Air Ambulance companies have high operational cost but another important factor which contribute to increased costs is the distance that the patient is from the air ambulance. The farther away they are, the higher are  the fuel costs. Some factors that affect prices are:

The distance travelled by ambulance:
ICATT Air Ambulance Cost from Guwhati to Delhi in India,best Air Ambulance Medical Flight Transport Service near me

In most of the cases, distance is the main factor that determines flight costs. Longer distances are more expensive because flight ambulances must pay more for medical personnel and flight crews and fuel.

When ambulances bring patients to the nearest medical centre, the costs are cheaper. But when a patient is taken to Delhi from Guwahati approximately distance covered is (1,929.0 km) for medical treatment, so the cost will be a little higher.

At ICATT Air Service, we offer Air ambulance services throughout the world and offer the best prices which are affordable.

Type of aircraft used:

The distance travelled also determines the type of aircraft that is suitable. For example, a helicopter used to transport patients over short distances, while aeroplanes transport over long distances. 

Sometimes the type of aircraft needed for medical flights depends on the patient’s condition, the number of people travelling, the distance that aircraft has to travel and the required equipment. 

So if you need medical treatment in Guwahati and need to order Guwahati ICATT Air Ambulance services, contact ICATT Air Ambulance at 9701111156. ICATT has a very competent medical team and professional operations team to make a the patient is shifted in the best possible manner.

Medical personnel accompany the patient:

The medical crew who will be travelling by the patient on an air ambulance also has an impact on prices. The flight crew will consist of pilots, nurses, and doctors who will provide emergency medical care during the flight.

Types of medical equipment and personnel needed:
ICATT Air ambulance provides advanced medical equipped facilities for critical ill patients during transport in Guwahati, best High risk medical transportation near me

This is the second most crucial factor to consider when determining the price of ambulance flights. Sometimes patients need special care during a flight. To provide the same, specialized equipment and medical specialists are required during the flight. If your patient needs a larger team and specialists, this, of course, increases your flight costs.

Services used:

Different ambulance companies offer different services. For example, they offer land transportation, a bed to bed services and more. You should know exactly what type of service you need and whether the company can adjust its offer to your needs. If the kind of service and price are not listed in the contract, please specify it in the request. Remember that the services you rent make a big difference in the price of your flight.

Other passenger accommodation:

You don’t want your patient to travel alone. This means that there must be enough space in the field to accommodate the patient’s family members. Most of the time, this does not count, and aeroplane tickets almost cover it. However, please clarify this first.

Once you understand all the factors that affect the price of ambulance flights in Guwahati, the next step is to get offers from various companies. Then decide and contact one company that is best for you. However, this price may go up or down, depending on the factors above.

ICATT Air Ambulance:
ICATT Air ambulance Medical Crew and critical care team patient transfer services in India, best Air Ambulance Emergency respond team near me

The ICATT Air Ambulance Service offers emergency patients affordable emergency care with comprehensive services for the transfer of medical care from Guwahati to Delhi. We have a very active emergency team that is always active all the time, 365 days a year to ensure fast medical transfers from remote areas. We also offer transfers from bed to bed with an ambulance in Guwahati. We have a high-tech medical device with a specialized medical team of doctors and paramedics.

ICATT offers the best and most reliable ambulance service from Guwahati to Delhi to bring emergency patients with adequate medical care. The ICATT ambulance from Guwahati to Delhi has all modern intensive care devices, high-tech medical facilities, and the latest machinery that plays an essential role in monitoring and examining patients every minute during transportation.

So if you need to move your patient from Guwahati and need a commercial transfer or a full fledged air ambulance, you can contact us to use the ICATT Air Ambulance from Guwahati. The Guwahati Air Ambulance to Delhi and other cities  is always available and ready to shift a patient safely with the right medical care.

The 24×7 ICATT Ambulance is always available and ready to fly at any time to drive loved ones anywhere in and outside India. ICATT services are unbeatable and reliable from other Guwahati ambulances.


The popularity of ICATT air ambulance service in Guwahati to Delhi, Vellore, Hyderabad, Bangalore  is always available as it is extremely important to save the lives of the Critically ill. The ICATT Air Ambulance Service in India offers all emergency solutions from A to Z, where doctors, paramedics, nurses,  and all types of high-tech emergency facilities are available for patients. 

So, here it is. Now that you know what factors influence your ambulance flight, you can determine which company offers the best offer for you. We offer the lowest rates for air ambulance services worldwide. Contact us today by phone +91-9701111156, email or by filling out our contact form to receive a free, inexpensive and no-obligation quote.

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