ICATT International Air Ambulance For Corona Patients: Learn How It Works?

The transportation of patients with highly infectious diseases such as Covid should ensure no risk of cross-infection in the treatment. As the spread of COVID-19 worldwide has increased, in India, ICATT air ambulance doctors have received requests to transport or evacuate infected patients. We provide new portable isolation pods for the air transportation or evacuation of COVID-19 patients. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in the region, we have received many requests to transport infected patients in India to ensure that we do this safely. To ensure the safety of our crew members and the patients, we decided to invest in portable isolation rooms. So let us get into the article to know more about ICATT International air ambulance for Corona Patients.

The mission of ICATT Air ambulance in India during Covid times 

Since the coronavirus outbreak in India, the ICATT crew have extended care for Covid patients in India when required to do so. This recently includes transporting critical medical supplies and personnel to remote areas across the country in response to new threats. 

The purchase of German isopods will further increase the options available to ICATT Air ambulance to support the government’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. All ICATT Air ambulance medical and ground personnel have received extensive training on the newly acquired wearable device application. Isolation rooms have been designed so that they can be deployed immediately for air transportation.

What is German isopod, and what are its benefits? 

ICATT Airlift of COVID Patient In German Isolation Pod, air medical transport near me

German isopod is a modular and reusable insulation system. The system was developed by an anesthesiologist/critical care physician at Oslo University Hospital to transport patients with high-risk surgery and multi-drug resistant pathogens. It has more spacious interior space, greater insulation from the patient with the hard plastic cover, and multiple adjustable stretchers. As a result, German isopods provide higher patient comfort than other systems on the market.

The system can also be used for long-distance routes. For our clinicians, other functions are, of course, also essential:

  • Perfect patient evaluation through the hood.
  • Built-in sealing membrane openings for cables and wiring.
  • A separate entrance for the ventilation system to make treatment possible and monitor the patient from the outside.

Disinfection is also very simple. In an infected patient, the system works under negative pressure: air is sent in through the filter system at the bedside and discharged through the filter at the foot. 

Evacuate COVID-19 patients: About portable isolation rooms 

Portable isolation rooms are an innovative medical isolation and transportation system designed to achieve optimal safety during the loading and transportation of patients. The device is a single patient isolator. It is easy to assemble for use, fully transportable, and compatible with all significant ambulance stretcher systems. It is compatible with most mechanical ventilation circuits. The equipment meets all requirements for comprehensive environmental protection and prevention of cross-contamination. 

Convenient patient access enables advanced care and treatment. This design allows it to provide the most intensive care treatment and emergency procedures. When not in use, the device can be reused and has a compact storage space. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare and load patients in a portable isolation room. The patient can stay indoors as long as needed because the air circulates through a special filter, which means that both short and long-distance transmissions are possible. 

When is the isolation device used on air ambulance flights? 

In principle, if there is enough distance, most infectious patients can be easily transported. However, this distance does not exist on most air ambulance aircraft. In addition, forward ventilation puts pilots in small aeroplanes at risk. They must also wear protective clothing with masks and only communicate with air traffic controllers within a limited range. To avoid these problems, we implemented an isolation unit (EpiShuttle or German isopod). This allows us to transport any infectious patient, including COVID-19 patients and even patients with hemorrhagic fever such as Ebola. 

Advanced isolation systems air ambulance flights in India, emergency medical services near me

How can many infectious patients be transported on a single flight? 

Under normal circumstances, infectious patients with different pathogens should not be transported together. However, for the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is mainly the same virus. If the patient is in a separate isolation unit, there is no danger. We can safely transport two infected patients using the same air ambulance with two isolation devices. 

Are companions allowed on isolation flights? 

Judging from the available space of the air ambulance, one or two companions can be carried. However, it must be assumed that the attendants at the scene also have closer contact with the patient and contaminate themselves. Consequently, we think it is risky to bring family members on these flights because they pose a risk to our employees. Here, we make decisions based on individual circumstances.

Services provided for COVID-19 relief: 

  • We focus on the timely and safe transportation of COVID-19 positive patients who need immediate medical attention. 
  • Onboard ventilator 
  • Oxygen cylinders 
  • Advanced ICU equipment 
  • Nebulizer machinery 
  • Infusion pumps 
  • ECMO and BIPAP; complete ventilator support on the aircraft and isolation rooms and our experienced medical and aircrew. 

The characteristics of the COVID POD made in Germany: 

  • Isolation capsules, which can limit the toxic biological and chemical particles at the bottom of the structure. 
  • Multiple glove box ports are provided on the pod to help with efficient and safe COVID care. 
  • Ensure that the spread of infection and disease is limited while remaining safe. 
  • Durable and extremely easy to transport. 
  • It contains anti-epidemic features that ensure the safety of all relevant personnel.

The evacuation and timely transfer procedures we follow: 

  • We have a well-trained and well-trained team of medical and aviation personnel who provide comprehensive services, from carefully transferring patients from medical centres that offer treatment to their destiny. 
  • We ensure the safe transfer of patients to the destination medical centre and expand our care and services until the patient reaches the medical facility. 


ICATT Air ambulance received Best Air Ambulance Excellence Award; we strive to reshape and redefine safe air travel! At ICATT Air ambulance, we provide first-class air ambulance services provided by our experienced aviation and medical professionals. We strive to provide maximum care and timely functionality in all aspects of medical emergencies. In addition, we strive to provide world-class connectivity and achieve this across Pan-India, even in the most remote area. 

We are proud to save lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provide valuable air ambulance services to customers in need. In addition, ICATT has a 24-hour alert centre composed of medical professionals to offer advice and assistance to those in need. Contact Our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on weekends and holidays at +91-9701111156.

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