At this crucial moment, the medical department is overwhelmed. But, unfortunately, throughout pan-India, road transportation is slow, and it is prone to problems due to traffic and roadblocks. This is where air travel comes in, providing excellent medical and transportation services. It is often said that “prime time” is necessary because it refers to when proper medical care must be provided to avoid complications or death. Air travel complies with the medical effects of this rule. Air ambulances solve connectivity problems; provide medical assistance and transportation from remote areas to advanced medical regions. The air connection also offers various services for patients to ensure timely medical care and assistance. 

Air ambulances include complete solutions such as aeroplanes, helicopters, first-class medical facilities and crew to transfer patients to medical destinations in time. In India, air travel is required mainly due to traffic congestion and medical emergencies. 

This article gives information about ICATT – India’s Best Air Ambulance with full Support and an Experienced Emergency Medical Team.

Best Air Ambulance Rescue Service in India ICATT

Air ambulances are not similar to all conventional helicopters. These are specifically used to transfer patients in a crisis. Inside and outside the air transfer, clinical teams participating in the crisis office can be visited to request patient consideration. As we have numerous air ambulances throughout India, we can transfer many patients to medical clinics by air regularly. 

As far as air transportation is concerned, the employees we select are highly qualified and well-trained personnel, including crisis medical personnel and nursing personnel. The ICATT Air Ambulances management department is often used to transfer patients under the primary conditions available locally; we keep all rescue equipment. In addition, the heart, liver, kidneys and many other organs will be delivered by our private air ambulance service in India.

Given the expansion and co-management of our system, our emergency air transportation in India administration applies to patients in any area of ​​southern, central, eastern and northern India. 

ICATT India’s Best Air Ambulance provide the following Support in India:

Medical transfer: In crisis or disaster situations, the vast majority of patients require immediate hospitalization. Delaying ground transportation may result in the death of such patients. In this case, it is essential to transfer the patient through the air. 

Trauma crisis transfer: Even in crisis, some injury-related situations require clinical help from the moment the patient is injured. Therefore, even during the period of patient transfer, clinical support becomes necessary. This requires that the clinical equipment can be used and transferred in the vehicle. Therefore, we provide our patients with the required equipment at any time. 

Planned air transport: Some patients do not need immediate treatment but need to go to the clinic for treatment. Nevertheless, they will not be taken to the medical clinic like others. In this line, they need specific air transmission to the medical clinic provided to us. Similarly, our private group provides them with clinical assistance on board. 

Organ transport: Organ donors save lives. “In terms of providing excellent services to complete the transfer of organs, tissues and cells, the emergency response department has carried out special coordination for those situations where time is significant. In these cases, they reach the donor as soon as possible and arrive immediately.

ECMO transfer: ECMO, which represents extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, may also be an accurate preservation method, and we also give it to critically ill patients. So this group represents considerable authority in the field. 

Disaster: We have a huge air ambulance that can send each patient to the clinic one by one in a simple way when a disaster occurs. 

Transportation from bedside to bedside of the Hospital: When we receive confirmation from the aviation medical service department, our medical team will be sent to the hospital for pre-flight medical evaluation of the patient. The emergency response medical team will accompany the patient to the airport in an intensive care ground ambulance. Finally, our intensive care unit aircraft will be ready to transfer the patient to the receiving hospital, all of which will be coordinated by our experienced logistics team. 

Transport of critically ill patients: We are experts in the transportation of critically ill patients. We have extensive experience in managing any medical condition (including onboard intensive care patients). On our aircraft, we have all the professional equipment required for adequate care, transportation, medications; together with our experienced medical team, we guarantee that patients will receive the best care. 

Transport of burn patients: Burn patients require highly specialized care. The medical team caring for these patients received advanced burn life support training designed and approved by the American Burn Association. In addition, some of our flying doctors and nurses received practical training at the hospital to maintain a high level of experience managing burn patients. We also have specialized equipment and medicines needed for proper transportation and care of burn patients. 

Paediatrics and newborn transfers: We specialize in transferring children of any age who need intensive care transfers, especially newborns. We have invested in the most advanced equipment and professionals to take care of the transportation of critically ill babies of any age. These delicate and precious patients fly under the supervision of our neonatal and paediatric intensive care specialists. 

We are proud to be one of the most experienced companies in the industry, providing newborn transportation services for premature babies and newborns. The staff of these services include nurses or paramedics, respiratory therapists, and doctors experienced in neonatal and perinatal intensive care. The neonatal team is determined according to the needs of the patient. 

Perinatal transport: When the patient is a pregnant woman at risk of premature birth, our customers request our “newborn service” more and more frequently. This service includes our complete newborn package and an OB/GYN specialist; therefore, we are ready to take care of the pregnant woman and her baby if she gives birth before or during the flight. 

Evacuation flight: Some people need to evacuate from a particular area before the crash; we provide expert assistance. Various such outputs can be earthquakes, volcanoes, war zones, biomedical hazards, etc. 

ICATT Experienced Emergency Medical Team 

At ICATT, we believe that all patients deserve world-class care, whether they live in India or Asia. To achieve this goal, ICATT Flying Doctors India has established a dedicated team of specially trained doctors, nursing pilots and support staff to help evacuate patients. In addition, ICATT Air Ambulance is a unique and excellent provider of air and freight service facilities. Our emergency air medical service provides services to transfer patients from one place to another. We are an air medical transportation service provider located in India, and our medical transportation services can be purchased nationwide. 

ICATT super professional medical expertise and providing services around the clock. 

Why is ICATT the best air ambulance service? 


When an emergency occurs, we need faster medical treatment so that emergency patients can get to medical facilities as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are many cases on high mountains or in places where ground ambulances cannot reach. The only option to provide fast and safe medical assistance to emergency patients is air ambulance services. The ICATT air ambulance service in India offers 24/7 emergency medical services for critically ill patients at the lowest possible cost. 

Our main motto is to transfer emergency patients from one hospital to another quickly and safely. Therefore, if you need a faster and better air ambulance service, please call +91-9701111156 to reach us.

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