Residents of Chennai can now benefit from ICATT’s safe and comfortable emergency patient care. ICATT’s emergency transport services in Chennai are well-connected to all small and big Indian cities like Vellore, Thiruchi, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, etc. ICATT also handles international patient transfer. You or your loved one can utilize our services during medical emergencies, critical conditions, and natural calamities.

ICATT’s reliable and safe services are offered via helicopters and planes in Chennai. Call ICATT for a 24/7 Air Ambulance Service in Chennai to transport your patient’s low cost.

Need for an Air Ambulance in Chennai City

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and has a rich cultural heritage. Chennai is the home of many artists in Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam. It is a beautiful coastal city along the southern coastal corridor at the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is a major port, handling a lot of international cargo. As a major tourist attraction, the city attracts tourists from all over the world. Chennai also is a major medical tourist destination in India. However, the city has a dense population due to its phenomenal growth. This means buzzing traffic and a rise in frequent accidents and unwanted incidents at every regular interval. 

Air ambulances serve a dual purpose. In critical situations, ground transport may be delayed due to traffic congestions, and in those circumstances, air ambulances can promptly transport the patient to the nearest facility. Since Chennai has many advanced medical facilities, patients from other parts of India are also transported via Air Ambulance to Chennai. ICATT provides the best life-saving medical transportation solutions with aircraft fully equipped with medical equipment so that the patient’s condition is stabilized on the way to the hospital.

What is an ICATT Air Ambulance equipped with?

ICATT’s all Air Ambulances Services in Chennai are fully equipped with highly advanced medical equipment such as:-

The entire comprehensive air medical transport includes helicopters and aeroplanes. These aircraft are specifically designed for medical purposes, and at the same time, they are comfortable for the patient. Provision is made for a family member or someone to accompany the patient.

What are the advantages of ICATT Air Ambulance Services in Chennai?

In the world of emergency medical care, “Golden Hour” refers to the first one hour soon after the “incident”. In this hour, the chances of survival are high if transported to a medical care facility. ICATT is renowned for saving patients lives during the golden hour. Significant benefits of utilizing ICATT services in Chennai are:-

When can ICATT’s Emergency Ambulance Services in Chennai be used?

Here is a broad categorization of when can ICATT ambulance services are used:-

  1. Patients affected by deadly poisons.
  2. Flood/earthquake/volcano victims
  3. Burn victims
  4. Unconsciousness patients
  5. Spine injury patients
  6. Elderly, Trauma patients
  7. Patients who cannot move by themselves and do not have any immediate family to transport them in case of emergencies.
  8. Patients undergoing serious cardiac issues
  9. Patients with breathing difficulties
  10. Unexplainable severe pain
  11. Brain stroke
  12. Pain or tightness in the chest
  13. Paralysis attack

Types of Air Crafts used by ICATT Air Ambulance Services in Chennai

One should understand that ICATT provides Air Ambulance and provides ground transportation. After the patient is dropped off at the nearest Airport, immediately a ground ambulance transports the patient to the nearest hospital. Similarly, the patient is picked up as well. The type of Medical transfer facilities at ICATT is:

The type of Aircraft used by ICATT is:-

We are available 24×7 and 365 to help you and your loved ones during emergencies, and we are just a call, email or SMS away. Call now +91-9701111156 to book or more information about ICATT’s Air Ambulance Services in Chennai, India.

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