Air transportation is fast and becoming a necessity rather than a luxury because of the advantages it offers. On the same lines is the air medical travel, which involves more than just transportation. It provides advanced and crucial health and diagnostic services all the while transporting the patient to the hospital, or shifting a patient from hospital to another, or transporting a patient to home after medical treatment.

It is important to note that almost all insurance companies offering health insurance products have included air ambulatory services amongst their product features. This shows, beyond a reasonable doubt, that air ambulance services are no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity to safeguard lives. The ICATT air ambulance services in India is amongst the top air ambulatory service providers in India, and this blog is intended to educate readers about the unique aspects to look for when choosing an air ambulance service provider.

Urgent situations arise in life when traditional inland ambulance services may not be ideal in transporting patients. In such situations, an air ambulance can be a safe and fast means of transporting patients. With the number of air ambulance companies increasing in recent years, it is difficult to determine which one is ideal for human needs. This quick guide will help you make an informed decision. Read on to find out more about it.

What is an air ambulance?
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Air Ambulance services in India offer transports to patients by air while providing the necessary care during a flight ambulance. Currently, a growing trend in the industry is to use fixed-wing private planes which are believed to provide a calmer and spacier environment for people in traumatic situations.

Jets, like some types of Learjets, are often chosen by leading emergency response companies because they can cover longer distances without refuelling. These aircraft are equipped with the latest medical equipment and health care professionals. They provide emergency medical care during transit until the patient reaches the appropriate medical facility.

Seven essential points to look for while choosing Air Ambulance:

Company history: 

When it comes to choosing a company, it’s essential to check its history. Also, you should read the safety reports. Medical air transport can be costly, so you need to be quite careful when choosing the best one. Make sure the company doesn’t have a serious incident or death. This vital ICATT air ambulance service in Hyderabad has been in operation for many years. So don’t settle for newbies.

How experienced are the crew?

Air Ambulance services in India pilots and co-pilots must have at least 2,500 flight hours before they can become captains. Additionally, they must have at least five years of experience in an emergency room, intensive care unit, or medical facility intensive care unit before they are deemed eligible. Pilots must also hold an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified degree from a reputable aviation school or at least a second-class certificate as a professional pilot. Of course, the flight school where you received your diploma must also be certified by the FAA. Aviation nurses in air ambulances must have at least five years experience in an emergency room, intensive care unit, or institutional intensive care unit.

Specialist and emergency room
Well-equipped specialized aircraft for critical ill Patient transfer in India, Flying Medical Emergency services near me

The patient needs medical assistance during his journey to reach the medical facility. If the condition is critical, a professional medical team and well-equipped specialized aircraft are needed for the patient to travel safely. You should choose a company that has trained and experienced doctors who can fly with patients in an emergency. If the airline has ICU and CCU experience, as well as modern medical equipment, you will have a smooth and well-coordinated transit.

Support team

Flying a patient to a medical destination requires many necessary steps such as safe boarding, in-flight ambulance maintenance and an easy transition from aeroplane to destination. Trained staff carefully handle all stages and help reduce stress on patients in transit. A good emergency company ensures that specific medical requirements are met with care.

Cost to order an air ambulance?

Several factors influence the cost of an ambulance. Among the most influential aspects is the distance covered by aircraft and patient movement speed. The closer the aircraft is to the patient, the lower the cost. You can also get cheaper rates by ordering an ambulance a few days in advance. However, in an emergency, this option may not be available. In this case, no matter the price, your best bet is to go to the first available reservation you can get. After all, it would be a matter of life and death.

Emergency transportation
Emergency Air Transport For Critical ill patients by ICATT Air Charter Services in India, Helicopter emergency medical services (HEMs) near me

There are two main situations in obtaining medical air transport. The first is when the patient is in critical condition and needs to be rushed to the hospital. Second, when the patient needs to be moved to another city due to medical facilities or other personal reasons. Although most companies offer emergency transportation, it is still essential to know if they provide this facility for patients.

Medical care offered

Every ambulance must be equipped with modern equipment and technology. In particular, if a patient with a critical health condition is to be airlifted, the ambulance must be able to stabilize the patient for the time required to reach the desired destination. Every ambulance has state-of-the-art machinery and equipment necessary to carry out basic blood tests. This can save a lot of time when doctors need to treat or operate on patients with severe health conditions.


Here in this, there are some things to consider when choosing an airline ambulance. Emergency medical care is one of the most challenging situations, and planning a medical transport flight can add to the difficulty. However, with a supportive and reliable air ambulance company, adequate and safe flights can be planned and operated. 

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