Worrying about attending a close relative function or an important business meeting without the help of medical assistance or an assistant? Patients with severe medical conditions cannot travel by everyday vehicle or without travel assistance. Stop worrying. That’s why ICATT air ambulance offers world-class medical care that can safely transport sick patients who need tertiary care. We have been in business for many years and are trained to transport the most seriously ill patients using VIA Air ambulances and ground ambulances.

We provide certified flight crew and necessary medical equipment. Our air ambulance is very well-equipped with all life-saving equipment such as a ventilator, defibrillator, heart monitor, spinal board, stretcher, external pacemaker, vacuum, oxygen, monitoring equipment if required and incubator (for paediatric patients). Our aero-medical escorts accompany these patients on commercial flights, regardless of whether it is a short domestic flight or a very long international flight.

ICATT medical escort helps those who need special care. Our escorts are ICU and emergency doctors trained to handle all medical emergencies and support patients during transport and transportation. Medical escorts during transport coordinate between the receiving medical team stating them the medical conditions so that the continuation of care is maintained.

Let us see this article to know more about ICATT Medical Escort in India, and why to choose ICATT.

What is Medical escort?

At ICATT Air Ambulances, we have a unique facility called Medical Escort. This facility is for people who are somewhat stable but unable to travel far. We provide medical support for these types of patients. We have an aeroplane for these patients with necessary life support and modern life support equipment. On primary life support aircraft, we have all the life-saving equipment, from simple bandages to oxygen. In advanced life support planes, we all have high-tech equipment like heart monitors, pacemaker fans and much more.

How do ICATT medical escorts work?

Medical escort services greatly enhance patient comfort during travel for patients who can travel on business flights. Medical escorts is an exclusive service option for domestic and international travel. Medical escorts provide compassionate care to ensure patients feel at peace and receive the highest medical care level while making travel as easy as possible in their condition. 

ICATT Medical escort ensures that patients are carefully taken care of during their journey according to their medical needs. These treatments may include intervention and drug administration. The patient’s condition and vital functions are closely monitored during the trip. Patients are assisted with mobility to ensure a smooth experience by manoeuvring through airlines using wheelchairs, baggage management, flight check-in, security checkpoints and any other issues that may arise. With the support of a medical escort while travelling, more expensive medical transportation such as Flight ambulances is rendered useless. Accompanying doctors can be arranged for patients requiring further medical care during their trip. 

Specially qualified medical staff with primary care have extensive experience in aero-medical assistance. They have skillfully and completed countless journeys to enable patients on a comfortable, safe and carefree journey.

ICATT Medical escorts and their job responsibilities

The medical escort job is complicated. You can travel from home to the airport with non-emergency patients. They stay with them until they arrive at the door through the airport and work with airport staff to make travel as easy as possible. This includes getting on the plane early and access to a comfortable lounge if it takes a long time. They also help get off the plane when they arrive at their destination. 

Medical Escort offers an excellent alternative service for long hospital history, open wound discharge, complex drug release, poor adherence to medical and pharmacological therapies, functional reduction of mental disorders, malnutrition, intractable labile diabetes, high blood pressure and many others.

In general, it is the nurse’s responsibility to monitor and look after their patients’ health. They take care of medicines and help patients with problems such as eating or going to the bathroom. All of this requires experience and the ability to deal with emergencies or illnesses that may arise. They must also know to provide medical care at altitude and carry any medical equipment and medicines that patients may need during the flight.

ICATT Medical escort network and their support during the trip

ICATT Medical Escort has a network of doctors and medical experts from around the world. Medical escort services ensure that paramedics, nurses and doctors are accompanied. The service arranges referrals for specialist advisors, appointments for doctors, special care and hospital administrators. 

Medical escorts are ambulance aircraft specialists in the field of medical repatriation. The medical escort network provides a fast alternative to embassies, global repatriation companies, public and private companies, insurance companies, private customers and the tourism sector. Ambulance evacuation is a very complicated and complex matter. Financial pressure is not an essential part of making decisions to avoid unnecessary aspects of harm. Medical reasons are at the heart of all decisions made. An ambulance evacuation that is not adequately structured or hasty can become uncoordinated and costly to the detriment of patients and families.

Why should you choose ICATT Kyathi Medical Escorts?

If you choose to use an ICATT ambulance, in addition to medical coverage, all travel details will be processed for you. Our services include: –


Whether its simple life support aircraft or modern life support aircraft, there are one or two qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and paramedics available to monitor the patient’s condition.

If you need such aircraft equipment, you can contact the customer service centre ICATT Air Ambulances for all information about this aircraft. You don’t have to worry if you can’t decide whether your patient needs a primary life support aircraft or a sophisticated life support aircraft. Just call our 24×7 customer service, and you will get all the details about your patient’s condition and what kind of medical assistance you need.

Calling our customer service centre at +91-9701111156 will also inquire about your budget, and you are advised to use the available facilities accordingly. There are no hidden costs for our services. Our representatives will give you the benefits of our transparent transactions. Immediately contact ICATT Air ambulance.

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