An Air Ambulance is used to transport patients using a fixed aircraft or a helicopter. The patients might be moved from a pickup site to a hospital or from one medical facility to another. Air ambulances are operated by trained paramedics and aero-medical doctors and are equipped with emergency or intensive care units to care for patients during transportation. Some aircraft ambulances are employed only for emergency transportation, while others for both emergency and non-emergency transportation.

At the scene of an accident, the decision to call an air ambulance is usually made by an emergency responder based on the patient’s health condition. In other cases, the decision to transport a patient by helicopter or aeroplane is taken at the hospital by a doctor or the patient’s care team. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, the patient’s family decides transportation options and the medical facility where the patient needs to be transported.

This article provided by ICATT Air Ambulance Service provides information about who needs an air ambulance service.

What are the facilities inside an Air Ambulance?

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Air ambulances transport injured or critically ill patients, quickly and smoothly over long distances or to remote areas. They are stocked with life-saving materials/tools such as medical devices and monitors. Highly qualified medical personnel to care for patients up until they arrive at a hospital are also available inside. Some Air Ambulance service providers such as ICATT Air Ambulance also offer aircraft equipped with ICU and at least two critical care trained teams.

Who needs Air Ambulances:-

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In addition to rescue and transportation from remote areas after an accident, patients suffering from critical illnesses such as those listed below also need the services of air ambulance:

Above all, an air ambulance saves crucial time, since there is no traffic to compete. This time that can be utilized in caring/providing treatment for the patient.

What are Other Services available in an Air Ambulance?

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Air ambulance offers not only quick transportation to a hospital facility but also provides necessary first-aid and life-sustaining treatment enroute to a hospital. It includes diagnosis, thus giving the treating physician a head start concerning the procedure. Hence, the above-listed additional facilities plus the time saved makes
An air ambulance is an ideal mode for patient transportation.


Medical transportation services, such as ICATT, can help people and their families make important decisions about medical transportation. ICATT can also arrange medical escorts to accompany passengers and help them manage the complexity of long-distance transport.

ICATT Air Ambulance Services strive to provide international levels of medical care while transferring critically ill or patients suffering from Trauma

The ICATT team recognizes the extraordinary complexity of care for patients who need help while travelling. Please contact ICATT at 9701111156 to learn more about the services or to book a service.

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