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Air Ambulance Services in India

As we know, time is of the essence during a medical emergency. There are many cases where patients who are in need of emergency medical care are unable to reach a higher speciality Hospital due to long distances to travel and if they do travel, then they suffer further deterioration in health or in many cases pass away. To overcome this huge obstacle air ambulances have become the need of the hour. Air ambulances transfer critically ill patients in the fastest and safest possible manner to a higher speciality hospital for care.

Air Ambulance Service’s in India are essential as over 80% of our population don’t have access to the type of medical care that they need. This is why medical transportation plays a significant role in medical emergencies especially in remote areas

An Air Ambulance comprises of either a Helicopter or a Fixed wing aircraft, a specialised aero-medically trained team of doctors and technicians and medical equipment.

When a family member or a friend needs medical attention it’s bit natural that we aim to provide them with the best medical care they could and ideally this should be the same goal while choosing the best air ambulance to help in the transfer of a critical patient or else the patient will be placed in severe danger or risk of further and irreversible deterioration.

There are 3 components that make up an Air Ambulance

  1. A fixed-wing aircraft or a Helicopter
  2. A trained and experienced aero-medical doctor and technician
  3. The medical equipment

Let’s discuss each of these components in further depth:

  1. A fixed-wing aircraft:

ICATT Helicopter emergency medical services in Bengaluru, high risk Obestetric transfer near me

Due to strict rules of the DGCA in India all our aircrafts are well maintained and serviced regularly to make sure they are fit to fly. All the air operators in India have fit to fly aircraft so we do not have to discuss this in depth at all. Rest assured any aircraft used are all in very good condition so you don’t have to spend time on this aspect at all, however the issue arises over the availability of the aircraft. These aircrafts are in high demand and hence sometimes can get challenging in getting an air ambulance in time to transfer the patient.

  1. Aero Medical doctors:

This is the most important detail to look into while choosing the best air ambulance. One needs to make sure that the family members of the patient or the treating doctor is placing the patient in the hands of an experienced doctor. The patient that’s getting transferred is going through the most challenging part of their life and any type of transportation will further deteriorate their health condition.

Keeping this in mind, the aero medical doctor needs to make sure that the patient’s vital signs are stable using their experience, skill set and medical equipment such as ventilators, monitors and medication.  The patient needs to get the similar medical treatment that he/she would get at the higher specialty hospital and all this needs to be done inside a plane or a helicopter, which means that the doctor has to trained and experienced in aeromedical transfers.

  1. The Medical Equipment:

As mentioned earlier, during a transfer there is further deterioration of a critically ill patient and it’s the duty of the patient’s family and treating doctor to make sure the level of deterioration is reduced to the maximum. In order to achieve this goal u need a trained aero-medical doctor and also importantly you need to equip the doctor with the right technology and equipment that will contribute drastically in the saving of a life.

A professional air ambulance service will not compromise on the medical equipment used. The medical equipment will consist of a ventilator, a monitor, syringe pumps,  defibrillator and medical drugs and disposables. There are various types of equipment that’s available in the market and its important to choose the very best equipment which will provide the features that will enable the doctor to perform various life saving techniques.

To summarize, there are 3 important components that make-up an Air ambulance. While choosing an air ambulance it’s very important to make sure that all these 3 components are covered while selecting the service.

ICATT – Best Air Ambulance Company in India

ICATT is a leading and specialized air ambulance service provider. The Directors of ICATT anaesthetic intensivists that are HEMS certified doctors with over 15 years of experience in aero-medical transfers in the U.K. ICATT uses the best in class medical equipment, highly trained doctors and follows international levels of protocol during transfers. Very importantly, ICATT works within the framework of medical ethos.

The most reputed doctors trust only ICATT for organ and patient transfers. Our air ambulance services are available across all cities in India including cities such as  Raipur, Goa, Coimbatore, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Madurai, Tiruchi, Raigarh, Vellore, Shillong, Berhampur, Pondicherry, Pune, Nagpur, Patna, and Mysore. We are a medical air ambulance service provider that provides medical transportation services throughout India in the most professional manner.

ICATT Air Ambulance Service in India is always available and ready, even in a short time. ICATT Air Ambulance Service is among the best and most sophisticated air ambulance providers in India, only because of our high-quality service and high-tech medical facilities that make it easy to transport every critical patient.

This article provided by ICATT will give you Why ICATT is best to air ambulance in India. With the growth of air ambulance companies in recent years, it may be challenging to determine which company is best for their own needs. This short guide will help you in your decision making.

What is an Air Ambulance?

ICATT Air Ambulance consisting of aerospace and medical experts, Air Ambulances Emergency patients transportation near me

Air Ambulance Service is a term used for an underlying medical emergency through air transportation such as an aeroplane or helicopter services. It is used to transport sick or injured patients to and from healthcare and medical facilities like the hospital.

Air Ambulance in India is equipped to function as a regular ambulance but is perfect for patients during emergencies and to reach remote areas. This Air Ambulance in India has equipment with a flight stretcher, medical equipment and a fully trained medical team consisting of a doctor and a set of attendants.

Let us know Why ICATT is the Best Air Ambulance in India:

Provides Emergency Healthcare Quick and Fast:

Reasons to Use ICATT Air Ambulance services in India, Emergency Medical Service near meThe first thing we can think of when the name Air Ambulance appears is emergency treatment. An ambulance is used to bring patients immediately to a health facility. Relocating patients in a medical emergency by plane or helicopter must help many patients receive medical care on time.

ICATT Air Ambulance provides emergency healthcare on time without any problem with patient care. We also have much advanced medical care equipment, experienced doctors, nurses, staffs, and beds to take care of patients. We are available 24/7 you can contact us at any time.

All Medical Equipment and Trained doctors with 24/7 Air Ambulance: 

ICATT Air ambulance Advanced medical equipment facilities for critical ill patients during transport in India, High risk medical transportation near meBased on the patient’s condition, whether for primary life care, for life support or acute respiratory problems or unique trauma, we appoint an appropriate medical team.

Each member of our air ambulance crew has at least five years of experience in intensive care.

They participate in a rigorous annual training program that ensures that their skills are of the highest standard and that they have the essential information about medical aviation protocols and procedures. It includes aviation safety and patient management courses in the air.

ICATT Emergency Medical Transport Services

ICATT provides world-class emergency medical services to move critically ill patients from one place to another with well as highly skilled personnel and doctors, saving valuable time with the air ambulance. This service is provided for patients in remote locations in cities that have all the facilities or special services require, requiring medical assistance.

All of these aircraft are fully equipped to meet patient needs. We strive to ensure the highest quality standards. The patients can get configured easily with a licensed air ambulance, state-of-the-art stretcher system with oxygen cylinders, suction machine and inverter.

We provide an intensive care environment integrated with respirators, cardiac monitoring, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, IV infusion pumps, pulse oximeter, defibrillator, emergency medicine and pacing capabilities, as well as specialized teams of doctors and health professionals with experience in all types of medical emergencies and sophisticated management airway with 24/7 service.

Immediate Medical Services To People Living In Remote Areas:

Hospitals are far from remote areas, and access to roads can be difficult. In such cases, air ambulances help patients who live in remote areas to receive medical care quickly. Hilly areas are also vulnerable to landslides or causing many casualties.

An air ambulance can be a capable vehicle to pick up victims at the hospital soon or bring paramedics/doctors to the field. In this case, to provide the best medical services to the patient, ICATT provides well experienced and expert doctors to treat the patient on the way to the hospital.

Services For All Critical Patients:

Air ambulance Services in India are services that help critical patients easily transferred to better health care facilities. This service has seen in many cases that many high profile patients have airlifted by ambulance, but now this facility is familiar to many ordinary users. ICATT Aircraft understands the urgency of this critical time, providing the best facilities in their ambulance to all the patients who need critical care.

Transporting Patients From One Hospital To Another:

ICATT Air Ambulance provides Inter-hospital and intra-hospital patient transfer in India, Emergency medical transportation near meSometimes some hospitals do not have all the facilities and therefore need to move their patients to other hospitals, which can coordinate quickly with air ambulances.

More Lives Saved With Air Ambulance Service:

By transmitting patients quickly and easily, more lives can be saved by travelling long distances for a short period.

Transportation Of Medical Equipment:

In some situations, ambulance flights are used not only to transfer patients but also to transfer medical devices from one place to another.

ICATT strives to provide first-class air service with maximum customer satisfaction. Its mission is to provide flight services to patients to equip ambulances with facilities and high efficiency.

Why ICATT is the best Air Ambulance service in India and Why choose Us?

24/7 ICATT Air Ambulance Services in Bengaluru, Best Medical Emergency services near me

  • Our air ambulance are available around the clock for medical evacuations possible.
  • The air ambulance gets equipped with modern rescue equipment, including doctors, medical staff and more.
  • We are the fastest and quickest service provider in India
  • We offer flight options that fit your budget, needs.
  • Very cheap and genuine
  • We offer cost-effective transfers bed to bed
  • We offer specialized medical teams and doctors with patients
  • We treat patients with I.C.U.
  • We move patients under the supervision of medical specialists and health experts
  • We also offer ambulances that take and return patients


ICATT Air Ambulance service is one of the most critical medical evacuation companies in India, providing vital services for the recovery and return of patients in India. Our services meet world standards and managed by experienced and qualified staff. We are proud to save lives by offering this valuable service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Besides, we advise and support our customers through our 24-hour emergency call centre, which is managed by healthcare professionals.

The operating costs of ICATT Air Ambulance are economical compared to other air ambulances in India. Our other services are not only affordable but also the best and most reliable air ambulance service in India. We offer modern medical facilities complete with high-tech medical technology complete in a scheduled air ambulance in India.

Look at our booking service and our medical facilities. Air Ambulance Contact Now:

+91-9701111156 Contact us for all the services above. Remember that prices for ICATT Air Ambulance services are still economical, and this service will always be available at reasonable prices.

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