As we have often discussed, the choice of medical aviation services is largely in the hands of the treating doctor. However, it is always good to know what is the medical need for using an air ambulance. We know what we are talking about and what we are doing. Our ambulance wing is dedicated to medical aviation and has saved millions of lives.

Our ICATT air ambulances are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for airline emergencies. In addition, we offer helicopters and evacuation flights. Helicopters are designed for short-distance travel, and flying jets provide fast service in taking patients to remote locations. We cover different states of India and neighbouring countries too. Call us on 9701111156. Equipped with the latest medical equipment, our ambulance planes promise to save as many lives as possible, as in the past.

Let us see this article provided by ICATT air ambulances which give information about When Should You Consider Air Ambulance Services?

What is an air ambulance?

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An air ambulance is a medical transport unit that can transport patients or organs from one remote location to another. For a very short distance, helicopters are used. For international or medium distances, fixed-wings are used. Air ambulance services can be private or non-profit, and a hospital can own these services to treat its patients. Air ambulance service may be available upon request.

When Should You Consider Air Ambulance Services?

An air ambulance aims to help patients trapped in bad condition and then take them to a healthcare facility. They can use an aeroplane or helicopter as they wish. This ambulance service must provide adequate preclinical, critical and emergency care to patients before reaching the hospital.

Criticality of care, time, and facilities

In situations where the injury or health condition is so severe that prompt medical attention is required, an ambulance can significantly reduce travel time. This is also necessary if the medical facility where the patient is treated is not adequately equipped to handle the patient’s condition.

Patients may need better ground access and immediate medical aviation services.

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Some areas, especially rural areas, may not have a basic infrastructure for transporting patients. In such a case, having a medical aviation service can be a real lifesaver.

When local land transport leaves an area with insufficient coverage?

In rural cities, there are often only one or two air ambulances for the entire population. Therefore, moving patients to medical facilities far from home can leave local communities without adequate emergency medical access. In such situations, medical flights can be selected.

Medical facilities are available in an air ambulance.

Ground ambulances may not have certain critical care equipment available in the ICU. In such situations, the patient can be transported by medical aviation services.


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