When Is Air Ambulance Transport Needed The Most?

Medical transportation services have come a long way from using vehicles in which the patients rode in the back of the vehicle, mostly unattended, to present-day ambulances which are equipped with the latest equipment and highly qualified paramedical personnel. Now we have the Air Ambulance Services for patient transportation. These air ambulances are not only equipped with the latest technological equipment but can also reach the area of crisis in no time and minimize the damage.

Existing medical transportation services by road transit can be divided into two categories:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Non-emergency transportation.

These days, air ambulances are being used due to the time they save, and the sophisticated services they offer in-flight. The other factor weighing on the benefits of using an air ambulance is the comfort factor. Imagine transporting a patient suffering from a critical illness or a trauma patient over long journeys, this would cause further deterioration in the health condition or can even lead to death on the majority of the transfers. In transit medicine, Time is of the essence and air ambulances is the only and the best solution for transfer of critically ill patients.

ICATT Air Ambulance Services operates in various cities in India, providing both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services. This article is intended to provide information as to when an air ambulance is needed the most.

When do you need an air ambulance?

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You may want to call an ICATT Air Ambulance when:

  • You need to shift a critically ill patient from where you are to a higher centre of medical care that’s over 3 to 4 hours of travel time over road
  • Post surgery or post treatment, however the patient is still not strong enough to undergo a journey back to his hometown or to another medical centre for further treatment

Some other things when air ambulance is needed:-

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  • When time is precious: Air ambulances can travel long distances in a short period when compared to road transportation. This is all the more important for a patient because the first hour after an accident/emergency is crucial for the patient’s survival. Therefore, the time from injury to follow-up care is very important to determine the clinical outcome. So, an air ambulance becomes crucial here.
  • Poor road network: A significant amount of time is needed to get to the hospital when patient transportation is done through the road. However, an air ambulance can effectively bypass narrow streets, potholes, traffic congestion and winding roads, which can further injure patients.
  • When a person needs the highest level of medical care: Air ambulances are equipped with medical devices that are essential for monitoring, diagnosing and caring for injured/critically ill patients. Some of these include ventilators, ECGs, multi-parameter monitors, emergency medicine, and stretchers. People opting air ambulance services are usually severely sick and need critical care during transportation to a hospital. Therefore, an air ambulance needs to be equipped with such equipment. Also, importantly the medical team should be trained in aero-medical transfers and should be component in dealing with the criticality of the patient.
  • When accessibility is not available: Best hospitals are those who provide round the clock healthcare, skilled and qualified doctors and nursing professionals, state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosing and providing better care to the patients. Such hospitals are located in cities and central areas. As a result, people who live or work in remote areas may have minimal access to specialised care. Air ambulances can be crucial in such cases.


Although the medical transportation system in India has improved, high costs, lack of accessibility continues to result in the loss of several lives. Innovations in the medical transportation sector introduces various other ways to combat such situations. The newly launched emergency ICATT air transportation service is further evidence of this and a sign of exponential development and progress.

Each air ambulance at ICATT is monitored and operated by employees who are skilled, experienced, and trained adequately. The air ambulance coordinator will help you identify the right medical personnel for your air ambulance. ICATT doctors and nursing staff are trained in the emergency room and pay attention to the comfort and care of the patients. To know more or to book a medical air ambulance, contact ICATT Air Ambulance in India at 9701111156. We are available 24/7.

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