Having a baby in a neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be stressful for parents. If your baby needs essential transport services to get there, it can add to your stress levels. Rest assured that ICATT Kyathi Air Ambulance has the safest and most modern facilities in the air ambulance when your baby needs transportation services for his newborn (newborn).

The neonatal transport team at ICATT Kyathi Air ambulance provides an emergency ground or air transportation for critically ill and premature infants who need immediate assistance from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). This highly qualified and specialized team consists of neonatal physicians, registered respiratory therapists, and neonatal doctors. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and represent a unique team in India.

Specially trained neonatal nurses are also on duty 24/7 at ICATT Kyathi Air ambulance, the only air ambulance that cares for and replenishes sick newborns, supported by neonatologists. 

Let us see this Article to know why you should Trust the BEST ICATT Kyathi for NeoNatal Air transport.

Neonatal transportation?
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Our neonatal transport service is part of a more extensive flight for children. This fleet of modern land and air vehicles is the only team to offer 100% intensive care transportation to India’s children. Our experts are fully trained and can provide intensive support to previously underserved areas.

Our vehicles – a helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, and other ambulances – are specially designed to treat our youngest patients. This means more interior space for the necessary equipment and caregivers and a better, safer insulating platform. Isolates are transparent, closed plastic containers that provide a suitable environment for the newborn and protect them from germs.

In two cases, we usually offer transportation for the newborn. We transport babies from rural and disadvantaged areas to one of our locations or other care locations. We also move babies from one care location to another, usually when your baby needs more care than is available in the original place.

ICATT Kyathi cares for newborns and their families 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are the only pediatric team in our region and have national and international possibilities to transport infants to or from almost anywhere in the world.

What to Expect from Newborn Transport
Best Neonatal and Pediatric air Transport services in India, flight air ambulance services near me

Each mode of transport has unique considerations that can change what is expected of the transport team. Where possible, our air ambulance can accommodate a parent or family member to accompany your baby. Sometimes, it is impossible to bring a parent or family member due to weather conditions, altitude, board members, or weight considerations. These considerations change with time, heat, and altitude. In such cases, we will contact you upon arrival at the hospital. While we have satellite and radio communications in all of our air ambulances for hospital consultation, we may not contact you during transport. We are focused on the safety of your baby and our crew during transport.

Our team philosophy is to bring the neonatal intensive care unit to the child so that when we arrive, we spend a lot of time in bed with your baby. We stabilize our patients whenever possible before loading them for transport. We take the time to place intravenous or umbilical lines, evaluate x-rays, protect the airways, and support the airways. We can also provide treatment to ensure your baby is stable during transport. During this process, we usually consult with our neonatologist. If your baby is in urgent need of surgery or needs care that we cannot provide, we will move faster to move him or her for final treatment. In this case, we will take the child in 10 to 15 minutes.

Whatever the situation, you can always rely on us. Please tell us any problems or information that can help us take care of your child.

What services are provided during the transport of newborns?
ICATT air ambulance Emergency Critical Infants And Newborns transfers in India, emergency air ambulance services near me

Since each baby is unique, our baby transport team offers individual care for each baby. The neonatal care services we offer include:

Who is part of the ICATT Kyathi Neonatal Transport Team?

The Neonatal Transport team has unique expertise and equipment for all newborns’ care and transportation with various diseases and diagnoses. Complex treatment is started by the transport team before arrival at the referral hospital and is continued during transport. Our mission includes

This team consists of qualified neonatal intensive care nurses and certified intensive care respiratory therapists to assess, revitalize, and stabilize newborns. The team was able to perform intubation, arterial puncture, umbilical cord insertion, thoracentesis, and rescue medication and maintain communication with the treating neonatologist.

Extra neonatal nurses or neonatal doctors may be added to the team depending on the patient’s condition. 


Trust the BEST of INDIA for NeoNatal Air transport; ICATT Kyathi, our care team is dedicated to caring for children and newborn transportation services. Research and recommendations from the Indian Academy of Pediatrics show that children brought in by special care teams such as ICATT Kyathi have fewer complications and improve survival rates. 

Through extensive training and experience, our experts have developed specific newborn carrier skills to ensure your baby has the safest transport possible for more information on neonatal care or required NICU transport, contact us at +91-9701111156.

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