We all know air ambulance in India are lifesavers during emergencies. But what about once you reach your destination? How will you find your way to specialized hospitals? Who will coordinate with the expert medical team for further treatment? You are in a new state, facing a tense situation. Should you navigate it all alone? The answer is no. Truth be told, the real treatment journey begins from the moment you touch down at your destination. 

The responsibility falls under your air ambulance services provider to make things happen. They need to coordinate everything end-to-end. It’s a critical phase where every decision, every intervention, and every moment count toward your recovery. So, let’s delve into what exactly you can expect after the wheels of your air ambulance touch solid ground and how to ensure that you’re guided every step of the way toward renewed health and well-being.

1. Ground Transportation

After landing at your destination, the last thing you need is the added stress of figuring out how to reach the hospital. Arranging a ground ambulance prior to ensures a smooth transition from the airport to a specialized hospital. This is where the expertise of domestic and international air ambulance comes into play. They will be well aware of shortest routes that can lead to the destined hospital. Timely ground transport has also proven to minimize life risks and maximize positive outcomes.

At ICATT Air Ambulance Services, we understand the urgency of the situation and the critical need for swift transportation. Leveraging our network and expertise, we arrange ground ambulances ahead of time. We have also established partnerships with renowned hospitals like Manipal hospital, Apollo hospital, KIMS hospital, Trustwell hospital, people tree hospitals, Medanata hospital, Narayana healthcare, and a lot more. Our focus on efficiency and adherence to strict timelines guarantee, we ensure the patient reaches without any delay. 

2. Documents Clearance

The mountain of paperwork for an international air ambulance can get dreadful, right? You might need a variety of documents to be presented at the airport and hospital. This may include the clinical summary, discharge summary, patient identity cards, current and previous medical reports, confirmation of hospital admission, and more.  Neither the patient nor their family can do it all alone. Can an air ambulance take care of this aspect as well? Certainly yes. Air ambulance in India can help minimize any bureaucratic hurdles that may arise. 

At ICATT Air Ambulance Services, we understand the importance of timely documentation and legal clearances. Our dedicated operations team takes care of all paperwork, from securing permissions to ensuring hospital admissions are in place. Whether it entails liaising with regulatory bodies or obtaining approvals from relevant authorities, we leave no stone unturned. You can have peace of mind knowing that their legal and administrative needs are being managed with professionalism and attention to detail.

3. Patient Handover

What’s ahead of patient handover? It’s not simply a matter of transferring responsibility. Air Ambulance service providers need to ensure the continuity of care. Logistics matters such as deciding the destination hospital and coordinating arrival times need your extra attention. At ICATT Air Ambulance Services, our expert medical professionals oversee this process end to end. They conduct thorough assessments to ensure the patient’s stability before facilitating the handover and post-transfer. 

For cases requiring an extra layer of urgency, our Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) swoop in to provide rapid response and transport to major hospitals, ensuring that critical care is never out of reach. We have a highly trained team of Critical care, Emergency medical doctors and paramedics who are transported by helicopter to land in the vicinity of a critically ill patient to save a life, stabilize and then transport to a major hospital for further treatment. The approach is clear – patient handover needs to be quick and efficient.

4. Coordination & Communication

There is always someone behind the scenes worrying about the patient’s condition, whether it be family or a guardian. Air ambulance in India excel in this matter. They connect with caregivers and keep them informed on the patient’s condition, progress, and logistics. Additionally, there must be seamless coordination with healthcare providers, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders to facilitate a smooth air transfer. For example, coordinating arrival times, treatment plans, and much more.

At ICATT Air Ambulance Services, our dedicated team is committed to maintaining open lines of communication with all parties involved. By fostering collaboration and transparency, we ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal, i.e., the patient’s well-being. We provide assurance to their loved ones, ensuring they feel supported during difficult times.

Final Thoughts

Why does post-air ambulance care matter? Because the real treatment journey starts from there! While many individuals are concerned about the air ambulance journey, people also look for post-air ambulance care they will be expecting. As a matter of fact, these services also fall under your air ambulance cost. They need not be borne separately.

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted domestic or international air ambulance, then ICATT Air Ambulance Services is for you. We have 7+ years of experience in transferring patients from different locations worldwide. You can choose Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS), private aircraft, commercial stretcher, or anything that aligns with your needs and budget. Contact us at 9701111156 for advanced air ambulance.

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