A child’s life is precious and should be treated as such. If your baby is born prematurely or has an illness that requires constant medical attention, likely, the hospitals in which they are getting treated may not be able to provide the necessary care. If so, you may be in a situation where you need to arrange transportation to a new medical facility. Luckily, you can turn to the attentive and dedicated air transport specialist for newborns at ICATT Kyathi Air Ambulance. We have experience and have received numerous industry awards for our commitment to excellence, including EURAMI accreditation and a gold rating from Argus. With ICATT Air Ambulance, you can be sure that your valuable children are in the most attentive and capable hands.

We at ICATT Air ambulance can offer your child a safe bed-to-bed service directly to the targeted hospital. Our intensive care transportation is a combination of a ground ambulance and an ambulance flight equipped with an intensive care unit’s medical equipment equivalent in a hospital. ICATT Air Ambulance, can transport babies in an incubator or isolated in a controlled environment that is as safe as your hospital’s NICU or PICU.

Let us see this article to know more about Paediatric Transport in India and a Neonatal Transport Guide.

Transporting Paediatric and neonatal patients in an air ambulance

Neonatal and Paediatric Transportation Services in India, organ transplant and transport service near me

A highly skilled and focused medical team using specialized newborn equipment is required to transport a newborn successfully. ICATT offers the most comprehensive range of newborn crib care in our neonatal intensive care unit. We use our Learjet aircraft fleet to safely transport newborns at low speed from domestic and international destinations worldwide. ICATT also provides transportation for family members and encourages parents to accompany their infant during the flight at no additional cost.

ICATT air ambulance offers comprehensive newborn services that offer comfort and serenity. Our team is ready and able to transport the youngest patients in an ICU comfortably.

ICATT neonatal and paediatric air medical transport services include:

Medical flight for pediatric and neonatal services in India, patient transport companies near me

Our equipment

Our Infant Incubator Transport Incubator for babies is specially developed for flexible use and has excellent connectivity with the following devices:

What can you expect during a medical flight?

ICATT Air Ambulance provides expert medical services for newborns and children in India, High-Risk Obstetric Transfers near me


If an older child is involved, a paediatrician and flight nurse will participate. For these patients, the ICATT has developed an SOP that explains the transport process so that children can relax under stressful circumstances. 

We carefully consider our medical aircraft needed to transport patients, including consulting with doctors who will carry out the hospital’s treatment. Also, the decision to travel by ambulance will depend on your child’s health and the circumstances of origin and destination. We can explain in detail our best flight medical services for you if you contact +91-9701111156.

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