ICATT Air Ambulance is proud to provide neonatal medical air transfer services to premature or critically ill newborns. Over the years, we’ve safely transferred many newborn babies and children from both domestic and international locations, so they can receive the necessary medical care they need. Our medical staff are trained to provide specialized care from the moment the paramedics pick up your baby to when they make a safe delivery at the facility where the baby receives necessary medical care.

Our team is ready to respond quickly and efficiently if your baby needs immediate long-distance transport. The aircraft we use for transporting neonates is equipped with the necessary equipment, such as an incubator and ICU devices. In addition, our team of highly trained flying medical personnel includes a neonatologist and a respiratory therapist.

Suppose you decide to use ICATT Air Ambulance services for any neonatal or pediatric medical transport. In that case, you can be assured that you have chosen an experienced, highly-trained, and multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to neonatal care. In the case of critically ill or injured babies and children, we provide exceptional care and compassion.

The ICATT Air Ambulance squad provides advanced neonatal care and support for our tiniest patients during the air transfer.

Intensive care transport for critically ill neonates

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We perform intensive care transfers of critically ill and injured babies anywhere with the help of our Pediatric Air Ambulance team. We ensure that your child receives the best care possible because we use the latest cutting-edge technology and highly skilled critical care transport specialists. 

We perform both international and domestic transfers and are available round the clock. Our goal is to determine the fastest and best way to transfer your child. 

Children’s health is not the only thing we consider. We also consider the distance to be travelled and the conditions at both locations of origin and destination. In the end, we prepare a transfer plan based on the information we have collected and the doctors providing treatment.

Our staff is well trained and equipped to handle newborn emergency transport, neonatal intensive care, and the transport of several sick children in precarious conditions. In addition, we ensure constant and close supervision and provide all necessary equipment for any type of emergency.

The standard equipment we use includes:

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Transporting critically ill newborn babies and young children requires advanced medical equipment and unique medical skills, both to diagnose the condition and provide suitable treatment.

Our medical team, which will take off your child, consists of at least one highly skilled and experienced pediatric intensive care doctor and one experienced critical care nurse. The experts have the most advanced training and are highly experienced in doing critical care air transfers. Most of them are consultant doctors in various hospitals.

If there are any special needs such as ECMO transfers, COVID transfers, etc., we have experienced medical professionals to care for our respective fields. All you need to do is call +91-9701111156 in an emergency.

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