Sometimes things happen so fast that you may not even have time to process what is happening. In the event of an emergency, we often assume that everything stops and the pause button could be pressed forever. However, it is essential to understand that this may not be the case. If you have the knowledge and the awareness you make a big difference during a medical emergency

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) determined to some extent by country or location, with each state having its own approach to processes of how EMS should be carried out. ICATT Air Ambulance In India is used as an EMS as the fastest and most professional mode of transportation.

What Is Emergency Medical Services

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Emergency medical services (EMS) are branches of emergency services dedicated to acute outpatient care and transportation to the final treatment of patients with illnesses and injuries that patients or doctors see as medical emergencies.

First aid is essential before further intervention begins. If the situation is complicated, be sure to call an air ambulance if there is a requirement to move to the patent to a higher centre for medical care.

The goal of the ambulance service is to treat those who need urgent medical care or to bring the patient to the next final treatment point on time. The term “air ambulance service” is being developed to reflect the change from a regular transportation system (ambulance) to a system where real medical care is given alongside transportation.

What is an Air Ambulance?

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Saving time is the first step towards saving lives. Air Ambulance is the best option to use when ground transportation can cause further deterioration to a patient’s health .
This service is essential when it comes to dealing with critical care and trauma patients.

ICATT air ambulance is equipped with best in class medical equipment and highly trained and skilled doctors.

ICATT ambulance flights save time and brings the hospital to the patient instead of the other way around.

When an emergency occurs take the following measures:

If the person collapses or doesn’t respond to your voice or touch, you can start CPR. Call +91-9701111156 or other emergency services or hospital if you need help.

After that, try to provide first aid to the victim until the ambulance arrives. The following are guidelines on how to get prepared to face a medical emergency.

Have a first aid kit, and it’s never been waste:

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“Prevention is better than cure,” we’ve all heard this statement at least once in our lives. It is essential to have a first-aid kit on location – both at home or in the organization where you work. It is beneficial to store the first aid kit in a place that is accessible to everyone in the house and organization. First aid kits usually consist of plasters of various sizes, tweezers, disposable gloves, antiseptics, cotton, cotton wool, thermometers, adhesive tapes, distilled water, eye drops, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, etc.
Be well Informed about emergency services in India – health professionals and hospitals are public information.

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Having a list of health professionals and hospitals, including independent doctors and their clinical records, can be very helpful. Websites like Practo have a whole database of doctors that cannot be seen and are even limited to the types of specialities and settlements in various cities.

It is also useful to keep a physical list of 4 to 5 hospitals and clinics nearby with telephone numbers and opening times. It helps shorten the time to search for them and narrow down the hospital/clinic based on proximity, opening time and type of specialist.

Emergency courses and CPR are generally useful.

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None of us can predict when medical emergencies can occur, and we know that CPR can be beneficial in dealing with emergencies. It is the right information, so everyone knows whether you are in the family or at work. Health care professionals can diagnose and treat emergencies, but the fact that knowing what to do in an emergency can do a lot to minimize the impact of the case and cannot be ignored. It is often possible to avoid the worst risks of an emergency if you can respond quickly enough and take the first step as needed.

Your Medical History Kit Is Your Best Friend In An Emergency!

Both in the professional and personal fields, guidelines for gathering medical history information can apply to employees or family members. It is always useful if someone can collect information about the drugs taken, their medical history, and their diagnosis in a folder. Sending this folder to your organization can prove to be very valuable in an emergency. Concerning family situations, it is always important to find out crucial information about your medical history. In a medical emergency, a person can still access his medical account. It can contain important information that will significantly speed up diagnosis and the rate of treatment.

Symptom Index helps to monitor closely.

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There are medical websites with lots of information about symptoms related to general emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes and more. It helps to have a printed version at home or work. Even colleagues who watch someone through symptoms appropriate to specific health conditions can signal at work that a medical emergency is happening. It also promotes healthy awareness about steps that can be taken to deal with medical emergencies.

Have an emergency database

Make a list of people you can reach in an emergency. This list can contain details about your friends, family, or even your colleagues. Having an essential list of their contact information can be very helpful in adding more medical context to patients. People don’t always remember the drugs they take or the instructions their doctors give them. They often share this critical information with their loved ones. If and when a medical emergency occurs, contacting these people can provide us with a better picture of the patient’s medical history. Everyone must create an emergency database. Copies of the emergency database must be kept at home and other preferably available at work.

General knowledge can save lives!

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Awareness of symptoms associated with general medical emergencies will never disappear. Some diseases are more common than others and, in unfortunate cases, can be fatal than most other medical emergencies. In such situations, lives can be saved only by knowing the symptoms associated with specific medical emergencies. Following is a list of three general medical emergencies in India and the first steps that can follow before the necessary medical care is provided.

Air ambulance arrives on time and takes the patient for further treatment to the hospital. This air ambulance is well equipped and has trained doctors who can provide treatment until the patient reaches the hospital.


None of these steps is time consuming but can be very helpful in the period of emergency medical care. With adequate training, every medical emergency can be as effective as possible, which is very important to ensure that the situation gets handled in the best way.

If you have further questions in this area or want to talk to someone about this topic, contact ICATT Air Ambulance service at any time at +91-9701111156.

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