Shri Jagarnath Mahto Ji was critically unwell with Covid induced lung fibrosis and needed to be on ECMO in an Emergency. 

This was the first Joint Operation between ICATT Kyathi Air Ambulance service and MGM Hospital 

MGM’s ECMO Team, under the leadership of Dr Apar Jindal and Dr Murali Krishna, was Airlifted within hours of triggering. A twin-engine jet was flown in from Mumbai to fly them to Ranchi. ECMO was initiated the very night itself saving Shri Mahto’s life and stabilizing him. 

Next day morning, the Flying ECMO team of ICATT was mobilized in a C90 Aircraft from their base in Bangalore. This team comprising of 2 Flying Doctors (including a Cardiac Anaesthetist), 2 Perfusionists and 2 Flying Paramedics reached Ranchi at around 12 noon and were welcomed by the CM of Jharkhand, Shri Hemant Soren Ji. They were then taken to the hospital where they got involved in transporting Mahto Ji on their mobile ICU equipment including their Isolation pod. This was the first time that a patient on ECMO was transferred in an Isolation pod. 

The third and the main Aircraft – the special twin-engine jet – was mobilized to Ranchi to transfer Shri Mahto. He was loaded safely, while in Isopod and an ongoing ECMO which needed all the experience and skills of the ICATT Flying ECMO team. He was airlifted immediately to Chennai. At Chennai, he was handed over to the ICU team at MGM Hospital. 

The Forth Aircraft was mobilized to transfer the MGM team back to Chennai the same night. 

Start of Operation: 18 October 20:30 Hrs, the first team to Fly out from MGM

End of operation: 20 October 05:30 Hrs, the last team to return to MGM

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