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Imagine the patient is in critical condition or needs oxygen, intravenous fluids, ventilators, or medical supervision and cannot travel in a ground ambulance. In that case, they will have to rely on an air ambulance. Taking patients in an intensive care unit ambulance to the hospital is more important to save their lives. In the event of an injury, illness, therapeutic crisis, or another emergency medical care, the patient or a relative may need to seek emergency services. Therefore, it is advisable to find out more about intensive care air ambulance services. 

At ICATT kyathi, we offer high-quality intensive care services. When you need essential air transportation for your loved ones, ICATT Air Ambulance worldwide provides special services tailored to each patient’s specific health condition. For patients requiring expert medical care during critical air transport, we’ve put together a world-class team of aviation coordinators, medical staff, and pilots to relieve stress on your flight. We’re available for you 24/7.

Intensive Care ICATT Air Ambulance flight – Medical experts onboard

Air transportation in an intensive care unit requires medical experience and experience working with patients who pose potential travel risks. All of our medical staff have extensive ICU experience, and our pilots are highly experienced. We have mobile operators who adhere to strict medical protocols and have an exclusive safety record.

In practice, however, the care by our team of medical professionals is so sophisticated that most patients can be safely transferred. Each ICATT air ambulance mission is planned according to the patient’s specific medical needs. 

Highly qualified medical staff

ICATT Kyathi Air Ambulance offers emergency services for intensive care nationwide and across borders. ICATT Kyathi Air Ambulance can even ask the team to fly and perform a full patient assessment to determine whether they fit for the trip. Also, the intensive care team can appoint doctors, surgeons and patient advisors if needed.

At ICATT Kyathi Air Ambulance, we have a group of translators who speak multiple languages. We can coordinate with doctors and hospitals worldwide to get information about patient health and take medical action.

Human resources:

ICATT Kyathi Air Ambulance  only employs highly qualified, experienced and committed medical staff who are continuously trained and remain clinically active to maintain their skills:

  • > 90% of anaesthetists are at consultant level
  • > 90% have degrees in intensive care / emergency medicine
  • Recruitment of specialists (e.g. neonatologists, obstetricians, surgeons)
  • The complex recruitment process with strict entry requirements
  • Mandatory ongoing training (internal and external simulators)
  • All doctors remain clinically active and maintain their daily skills.
  • 24-hour availability of medical manager for security filing / second opinion
  • Multilingual team (English, French, German, Dutch, Hindi, Polish, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Flexibility in the list (minimum of three doctors and three nurses per day)
  • Various flight crew options (e.g. 2 doctors, 2 flight nurses)
  • The control centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has qualified nurses and doctors.

Use the latest technology.

ICATT Kyathi is equipped with intensive care units. The Critical Care Ambulance team specializes in addressing the latest critical care technology including cardiovascular monitors, defibrillators, IV pumps, transport fans, saturation and saturation monitors, inflatable intra-aortic pumps (IABP), and full-size stretchers, newborn hatcheries, and much more.

Technical resources:

The ICATT Kyathi aircraft is a particular air ambulance aircraft designed to monitor and treat patients in intensive care units. They have the option of transport on a stretcher or two and are equipped with at least:

  • Respiratory apparatus in the intensive care unit (LTV 1200, BREAS; Hamilton T1)
  • Corpuls C3 (invasive and non-invasive monitoring, including capnography, with integrated defibrillator)
  • 6 x syringe pumps (Braun compact)
  • 1 x infusion pump
  • POC blood test (i-STAT)
  • Suction pump (Accuvac)
  • Transcutaneous haemoglobin measurement (Pronto 7)
  • Intraosseous access (EZ-IO)
  • Video laryngoscope (C-Mac)
  • Vacuum mattress
  • Ampoule kit with> 65 drugs (including Metalyse)
  • Emergency response equipment/consumables (chest leak, tracheotomy, etc.)

Bed to bedside service

ICATT offers your loved ones the best medical transportation to bed. Our staff can coordinate with your doctor and arrange anything you may need while travelling. Everyone accompanying the patient on the flight is also guarded. Our on-site team contacts the critical care ambulance team to receive updates and ensure everything is running smoothly. They ensure that their relatives and visiting doctors/hospitals are notified immediately. Patients can use this service even if they are not in critical condition.

Why use ICATT Intensive Care Air Ambulance flight?

If intensive care air transport is required, the patient will likely need our ICATT emergency bed to bed services. A flight coordinator will be appointed exclusively for your case and take care of every detail of the trip. The flight coordinator regulates:

  • Smooth moving from the original facility to the destination facility, including receiving medical reports, submitting medical reports to the receiving facility, and continuously updating and coordinating with the receiving facility during the transfer process.
  • Ground ambulance for departures and arrivals between medical facilities and airports
  • Appointment of a medical team suitable for flight whose specialization is adapted to the patient’s condition
  • Updates for family members and all other stakeholders during transfers

Special treatment for Paediatric medical air ambulance:

Transporting paediatric intensive care patients requires a critical level of care. No detail is too small, and no precaution is too big when your little one needs to be moved. ICATT Air Ambulance Worldwide is uniquely qualified to take all necessary steps to ensure that the paediatric intensive care unit unique medical needs are met to ensure safe and precise transport from one intensive care unit to another. As we tailor every patient’s needs on every flight, we have a team of Paediatric Critical Care Doctors ready to meet the critical needs of your young patients. Our flight coordinators are ready to make sure any medical protocol is strict, and every aspect of the process is closely monitored.


ICATT Air Ambulance Worldwide is mobile intensive care with experienced doctors who can provide any level of in-flight medical care anywhere in the world. When you need to move your loved ones from one intensive care unit to another around the world, we’re here to help.

If you want to find out more about what ICATT Kyathi offers, please contact us at +91-9701111156.

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