Raipur is the capital city of the picturesque Chhattisgarh. Raipur, with its strategic location at the centre of the state, makes it the epicentre of pretty much everything. Raipur is known as the food processing unit of India, having rail connectivity with major ports in South India. The river Mahanadi flows to the east of the city, thus making the soil it touches fertile and facilitates agriculture. A massive chunk of the trade happens with the city as the centre of all the action. Needless to say that the city houses several hospitals of prominence in terms of medical facilities and care. As a result, Raipur facilitates medical tourism not only from the surrounding districts but also from the neighbouring states. Raipur is listed as the fastest emerging economy in India. Keeping in mind the healthcare demands which come along with development, Raipur has several government-aided, private hospitals, and multispeciality hospitals with better facilities and nursing care.

The traditional way of patient transportation has been effective; however, the dawn of new technological advancements in the field of healthcare calls for a swifter and comfortable ride. This is where the air ambulance services step in. Raipur requires an air ambulance as this is a city surrounded by mountains. These Air ambulances not only help with patient transfer within a city or a district or a state but within the country. It is with this intention, ICATT started its operations in Raipur. The response for air ambulance services has been pretty good ever since. An air ambulance is equipped with medical equipment which more or less resembles an ICU.

ICATT air ambulance at Raipur handles urgent medical needs and provides reliable emergency services for patients who need to be shifted to and from hospitals in Raipur. ICATT air ambulances have modern medical infrastructure to ensure a smooth and healthy transfer of patients with high levels of medical care. With a team of experienced and qualified pilots, health professionals, doctors, medical experts, and administrators, we are in the best position to transfer critically ill patients to higher levels of medical care.

This article provides information about how ICATT air ambulance services in Raipur help emergency patients.

Air Ambulance:

Air ambulance service is a comprehensive term for the use of air travel for patient transport or organ transfer to health centres. Air ambulances at Raipur help move critical patients from one place to another and provide the facility of an ICU in air and all medical equipment needed to monitor the patient’s condition at all times. ICATT offers medical services depending on patient needs. In addition to moving patients from one place to another, we also provide bedside ICU, medical experts, organ transportation, etc.

How is ICATT Air Ambulance Service in Raipur Helping Emergency Patients?

ICATT Air Ambulance Services Flying Emergency services in Raipur India, best Medical Emergency services around the world

ICATT Air ambulance at Raipur are an absolute necessity and ICATT is at the forefront of air ambulance services. We are known for our fast and reliable bed-to-bed services tailored to the needs and situations of each patient. Patients receive medical assistance at every step of transportation. We even arrange landing sites and ensure that ambulances and medical experts are available at the destination airport.

Our mission is to immediately offer the only quality air medical services throughout India in very urgent conditions. We work with only one motive – Save the lives of different people in their important crucial hour. ICATT help in the following ways:

Advantages of ICATT air Ambulance Services at Raipur:

ICATT Air Ambulance High risk medical transportation team in Raipur, Medical Emergency Flying medics in India

ICATT is always ready to meet the needs of patients who need a transfer along with a trained and experienced team. Take advantage of the fastest route with ICATT, whose IT and technical team control the air travel and provide the best ambulance service in Raipur.

The main feature of ICATT air ambulance service at Raipur:

ICATT Integrated Air Ambulance Services Saves Lives in Medical Emergency in Raipur India, best air ambulance services near me

Bed to bed patient transfer: Moving a patient can get worrisome for the relatives. Now all the problems of panic of transport are in the hands of professionals. The Raipur ICATT Air Ambulance provides bed to bed transfer of patients.

Logical and transparent: Yes, you read that correctly. Evacuating an emergency patient is a critical process that requires logical and wise planning and implementation to ensure a successful transfer. At the same time, all aspects of the services offered must be transparent. A user who uses an ICATT ambulance service in Raipur gets real information and comprehensive rates. We promise not to give misleading information to anyone. There are no additional fees or hidden fees paid to customers.

The latest ICU settings: ICATT Air Ambulance at Raipur have the latest life support systems such as ventilators, respirators, defibrillators, suction pumps, IV kits, oxygen tanks, and portable power supplies, etc. These machines help to monitor and stabilise critical patients during evacuation.

In addition to the main features mentioned above, ICATT is committed to offering the Air Ambulance services in Raipur at competitive prices. Our costs in Raipur are the lowest compared to other operators in the industry. ICATT also provides commercial services to stretchers, ambulances and floor ambulances.


ICATT air ambulance staff is highly trained and highly qualified in air ambulance services in Raipur. We are on time and have experience in saving lives. Among many other similar service providers, we offer the highest quality throughout Raipur at affordable prices. We provide individual solutions for our patients because not everyone has the same requirements.

Our air ambulance service maintains global standards for our patients. We are tied-up with many multi-specialist hospitals and are available 24 hours a day to serve patients. Our success in saving lives is also very high compared to many other similar services offered by companies in Raipur.

If you feel you need our emergency services at Raipur or have questions about air ambulance medical emergencies in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91 9701111156.

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