Emergency Air Transport For Critical Infants And Newborns

An air ambulance is required for a newborn baby if the baby needs to be taken to a unique facility for intensive care, examination or significant surgery. Although neonatal air medical services usually used for emergencies, they are also the best means of transportation for all types of emergencies for newborns and critical infants where relocating patients via land transportation is considered a risk, and consumes a lot of time.

As a parent, if you are looking for newborn emergency medical services for your baby or child who is seriously ill or has a severe accident, then you have come to the right place!

ICATT air ambulance helps the child to transfer them to ICU. We also have specialist medical staff, experienced flight crew and a complete sophisticated aircraft who provides extensive, intensive care to the newborn. At ICATT, we offer all this along with advanced neonatal care and flight safety for our small patients with an extra dose of affection.

At ICATT Air Ambulance, we can offer your child a safe bed to bed services directly to the hospital. Our intensive care air transportation is a combination of ambulance and ambulance equipped with medical equipment at the level of the intensive care unit in the hospital.

This article helps you how our emergency air transport helps for critical infants and newborns. As safe transport of infants from intensive care units requires highly specialized medical personnel and sophisticated medical aviation equipment. ICATT offers the most comprehensive ICU newborn delivery service available in India.

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What is Air Transport For Critical Infants And Newborns NICU?

All mothers and children are affected physically and mentally after birth. It is especially true for premature babies or people with particular medical problems. There are times they need the best care and is only available at the hospital some distance from the baby’s place of birth. In this case, air ambulance transportation can be the best choice.

The ICATT air ambulance Intensive Care Unit is the safest and most appropriate way to transport a newborn who is experiencing complications from a delivery facility to a hospital that offers additional treatment options. Babies must make many physical adjustments to life outside the mother’s body. For this reason, all intensive care units for newborns in our air ambulances equipped with advanced medical technology that is identical to those in the newborn units in the hospital, as well as trained personnel, and experience using this rescue technology.

Main features of our newborn medical air transport:

  • Complete neonatal intensive care unit 3
  • NICU nurses are well trained
  • NICU incubator

Air Transportation For Newborns And Critical Infants:

ICATT air ambulances are proud of work in transporting newborn babies or premature babies or terminally ill children. We have brought hundreds of babies, and children safely to and from domestic locations so that they can get the specialised care they need. Our specially trained flight crew and medical team are experts in providing specialized services as soon as they take the patient and ensure safe delivery to the hospital.

If your baby needs to transport immediately, we are ready to respond quickly and efficiently. For newborn transportation, our specially trained flight medical team has neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists — these aircraft equipped with the necessary equipment such as an insulator. If you choose an ICATT Air ambulance, you can be sure that your child will be in the hands of a multidisciplinary team who are trained and dedicated to the care of newborns.

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With this additional level of care and affection, we offer specialized, high-quality care for infants and children who are seriously ill. ICATT air ambulance team ensures that our patients receive the latest care and support they need.

Unparalleled Care For Newborns And Children AT ICATT 

In ICATT Air ambulance, we offer competent child care and medical transportation in the air of newborns that go beyond transportation. Our newborn medical services have safely brings all critical infants and babies and terminally ill children to specialized facilities from and to various locations around India.

Our trained newborn care team consists of a group of experts and medical experts with years of experience in the intensive care unit for newborns (NICU. They have experience with many neonatal air flights; they have the right knowledge and training with specialised equipment to transport critically ill newborns such as premature babies, children with congenital heart defects throughout India. As a leading provider of medical transport services for newborns, we have a 100% flight safety record. Because of our comprehensive safety data, we are accredited and certified by many Departments.

Transportation of Neonatal Patients By ICATT Air Medical Transport Includes:

  • Specialized flight crew and a fully trained medical team consisting of newborn nurses, respiratory therapists and intensive care assistants who accompany the patients.
  • Aircraft equipped with medical equipment complete with mission-critical equipment, including neonatal ICU Level 3 modules, isolation incubators with environmental control, low-flow oxygen blenders, and ventilators for newborns
  • Fixed-wing medical aircraft with intensive care units and long-range capabilities that can fly in all weather conditions
  • The 24/7 Mission Response Center has highly qualified persons who have access to medical professionals and consultants
  • Comprehensive newborn medical air transport services at the best prices around India.

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ICATT Will Get Child To The Destination Quickly?

If your child is in critical condition, they can only be transported with the highest precautions in our services from bed to bed service. During medical flights, your child gets continuously monitored by experienced doctors and nurses who use the latest medical equipment. The medical equipment that we use to transport patients includes:

  • The transfer of newborns with incubators that have been developed explicitly for flexible use.
  •  A ventilator that supports even the smallest premature babies with tidal volumes up to 2 ml
  • Blood gas analyzer to determine oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the blood
  • The sonographic and echocardiographic device, with which we recognize complications as early as possible and receive a visual display of heart function at any time
  • Patient monitor with ECG, defibrillator, pacemaker, SpO2, NIBP and IBP sensors
  • Syringes for intravenous therapy
  • Video laryngoscope and additional ventilation aids specially developed for children
  • Venous detection and intraocular access systems, especially for children

We carefully review which medical aircraft needed to transport patients, including consulting with doctors who perform treatment at the hospital. Besides, the decision to transport depends on your child’s health and circumstances of origin and destination. We can explain in detail which of our aviation medical services are most suitable for you.


If you trust ICATT for the transportation of newborns with the use of air ambulance, you can be sure that your precious child is in the competent hands of a highly qualified, dedicated and multidisciplinary team known for unmatched medical care. From the start, ICATT adhered to the most stringent medical protocols and successfully transported newborns, infants and children under our baby’s supervision.

We protect you and your loved ones from severe or urgent medical problems. We know how complicated the demand for patient transportation is for newborns, and our competent case professionals, who are available at all times, will act to transport patients for newborns and carry out a safe, relevant and comprehensive flight organization for you or anyone that you love.

With the latest technology, we not only reach you faster and safer but also give our most significant attention to a unique and comprehensive experience. Contact ICATT at +91-9701111156.

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