In any medical emergency, time is the essence. There have been many cases where patients who needed emergency medical care could not reach the hospital due to connectivity issues. The term “golden hour” is defined as: “The first hour after an injury which determines a person’s chances of survival.” Access to adequate medical care during the golden hour greatly increases a patient’s chances of survival and better recovery. 

Unfortunately, our city’s congested streets are clogged, so you run into the risk of not getting help with emergency medical care. Air ambulances are the solution to connectivity problems. The air ambulance concept gained immense popularity in India.
Cut Travel Time in Emergencies and Accidents With ICATT Air Ambulance, which is very important during emergency medical care. The following will introduce you to the benefits of air ambulance and the valuable time it adds during medical emergencies.

ICATT Air Ambulance 

ICATT Air ambulance to cut travel time in emergencies in India, critically ill patient transport services near me

An ICATT ambulance aircraft is a special purpose aircraft with fixed wings or a helicopter equipped with special medical equipment. An air ambulance aims to carry sick or injured patients from one place to another comfortably.

The air ambulance offers various trained and specialized medical personnel, medical and vitals monitoring devices to provide optimal care for patients on board.

ICATT Air ambulance services in India are an essential part of medical transport services. They play a vital role in emergency medical situations in remote areas and direct patients to better health facilities. For air services to function correctly, assistance from ground ambulances, paramedics, and a helicopter is required. ICATT Aircraft is an airline dedicated to providing the best emergency medical services in India during emergency medical treatment by air.

How to Cut Travel time with ICATT air ambulance 

Best Neonatal and Paediatric Transportation Services in India, helicopter Emergency Medical services near me

Several years ago, ambulances were only used to move patients to hospitals. While today’s modern ambulances consist of the latest technological equipment, patients can receive emergency services before reaching the hospital. In some cases, the patient does not need to be transferred to a larger hospital because of the closest hospital’s care. On the other hand, in many cities in our country, some places are not accessible to ordinary ambulances due to lack of development or space in these areas. These areas can be remote areas or locations that a full-size ambulance cannot reach.

In this case, it would be better to use an ICATT Air ambulance. An ambulance is an aircraft used for emergency medical treatment to respond faster in areas where there are mainly air transportation facilities. Apart from functioning as a traditional ambulance, an air ambulance consists of all necessary medical equipment such as EKG, ventilator, medicine, stretcher, etc. There is also a group of medical staff in the ambulance to provide the best assistance for patients.

Ambulance flight – when is it needed?

With extraordinary emergency assistance, the ambulance saves many lives in the following scenarios:

Cut Travel Time in Emergencies and Accidents With ICATT Air Ambulance 

Trauma Emergency Air Ambulance Response team in India, organ transplant transportation center near me

As noted above, in emergency medical care, it is crucial to provide appropriate services. There are many instances when an injured, or critically injured patient is stuck in traffic or remotely.

The advantages of an air ambulance on time:

Sophisticated and swift medical assistance is provided by all top-rated ICATT ambulance aircraft as it is a modern helicopter with all medical equipment and trained medical staff.

Some problems can be fixed by overwork, and in this case, choosing the best ambulance plays an essential role in saving the patient’s life. There is a very high demand for ICATT rescue service for fast transit.


There are many advantages that you can enjoy when renting an air ambulance. Apart from speed and capacity, they are also the most comfortable to travel. You can reach your destination from remote areas quickly. At ICATT Air ambulance, we provide our customers with high-quality air ambulance services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at +91-9701111156.

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