Best Paediatric Air Ambulance Services In Bangalore India

Among hundreds of high-tech cities of India, the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore has reached a significant and valuable place on the world map. One of the reasons most admired is the advancement of technology in various fields, including medicine and education. Even in such a busy city with the help of one of the oldest and most reliable companies, ICATT Air Ambulance Services, you can easily find an affordable ambulance service in Bangalore for paediatric care. 

During premature birth or if born with serious health problems, it is often necessary to move to a specialized clinic to survive. With a newborn incubator, it is possible to transport the infant to a place where the best care is guaranteed. Whether within Bangalore city, on from another place or even from abroad, Pediatric air Ambulance treatment offers transportation in an incubator specially equipped for premature and newborn babies. 

The ICATT Life-Saving Child Transport Service also strives to maintain the highest standards of care. It is equipped with rescue machines and other medicines which turn our ambulances into care centres. The paediatric transport team is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and aims to provide the best possible care for children and their families on the way to the hospital or home.

Let us see this article that provides information about why ICATT is Best Paediatric Air Ambulance Services In Bangalore India.

What is the Air ambulance Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ANICU)?
Best Paediatric Air Ambulance Services In Bangalore India, neonatal and newborn transportation services near me

Transporting infants from a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) requires the safety of highly specialized or experienced medical personnel as well as sophisticated medical equipment. ICATT in Bangalore offers the most comprehensive range of jet transfers for newborns to domestic and international destinations worldwide.

All mothers and children experience physical and emotional changes after birth. This is especially true for premature babies or people with unique medical problems. There are times when the best treatment is only available in a hospital some distance from the birthplace of the child. In this case, transporting with an ICATT ambulance by air may be the best option.

Air Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ANICU) provides the safest and most appropriate way to transport a newborn from the transfer facility to the hospital, which offers additional treatment options. Babies have to make a lot of physical adjustments in life outside the mother’s body. For this reason, all neonatal intensive care units at our lear jets are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, identical to those in neonatal hospital units. They have trained and experienced staff in using these life-saving technologies.
ICATT Air Ambulance Inter Hospital Transfer of Critically Ill Neonates in India, Newborn babies and Paediatric Transportation Services near me

Main features of our newborn medical jet:

  • Complete intensive care unit for newborns to paediatric 
  • Trained intensive care nurse
  • NICU incubator

What other equipment do we have on ICATT aircraft?

Our state-of-the-art devices, including the Newborn Isolette, CrossVent 2i Fan and Propaq Monitor, work together to form a newborn care system that safely transports newborns to their destinations in the NICU environment.

ICATT’sICATT’s medical team of highly qualified neonatal doctors, nurses in intensive care units and respiratory therapists have extensive experience caring for and transporting newborns. Every team member is ready and able to comfortably stabilize, monitor and transport the smallest and most fragile patients.

Our Baby Pod II transport incubator for babies has been specially developed for flexible use and has excellent connectivity with the following devices:

  • Hamilton T1: A ventilator that supports even the smallest preterm infants with a tidal volume of 2 ml
  • Alere EPOC: A device for analyzing blood gases, which determines the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
  • GE Vscan: A device for sonography and echocardiography that can be used to detect complications as early as possible and visually display heart function at any time
  • Corpuls C3: Monitor for continuous patient monitoring, equipped with ECG sensors, defibrillators, pacemakers, SpO2, NIBP and IBP, specially adapted for children
  • Perfusor compact S: Up to eight syringes for intravenous therapy
  • Storz C-MAC: Video laryngoscope and auxiliary aids for alternative airway management, specially adapted for children (e.g. laryngeal mask, QUICKTRACH® emergency craniotomy kit)
  • AccuVein and EZ-IO: Vein recognition systems and intraosseous access systems, especially for children

ICATT air ambulance carefully considers which of our medical aircraft are needed to transport patients, including advising doctors who will carry out hospital treatment. Also, the decision to transport depends on the health of your child and the circumstances at the origin and destination. We can explain in detail our best flight medical services for you.

What happens to transport if it has the incubator?
Specially equipped mobile intensive care unit services for newborn babies by ICATT Air Ambulance, High-Risk Obstetric Transfers Company in India

As soon as it is known which pediatric hospital will accept the child, we will plan the fastest and safest route for him. Our transport incubators for newborns can be transported in a specially equipped mobile intensive care unit (MICA) or flown in a rescue helicopter or medical aircraft. The choice of vehicle depends on weather conditions, distance, origin and destination situations, and most importantly, your baby’s health. We can transport anywhere in the world at any time.

ICATT has a specially trained newborn transport team:
ICATT Air Ambulance Highly Experienced Neonatal Emergency Transport team in India, helicopter emergency medical services in Bangalore

The anatomy of a child and especially a newborn or infant – is very different from that of an adult. This requires not only special equipment, but also special training and, most importantly, a lot of experience in intensive care of premature and newborn babies. The newborn transport team, who will accompany you if necessary, are very skilled in this medical field and are updated continuously. There are at least one ICU paediatrician and one ICU nurse for newborns during transport. We will add more experts for special requirements, e.g. If there are known findings of pediatric cardiology, neurosurgery, general surgery, or ENT.

What can you expect during an ICATT medical flight for paediatrics?

Each airline’s pediatric team has advanced training and experience in preparing them to provide the unique medical care they need to children. Our team consists of doctors with years of experience as neonatal intensive care nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

When you choose Air Ambulance ICATT for your pediatric aviation service, you are choosing one of the world’s most experienced and trained newborn emergency teams.


The air transport medical ICATT team for newborns is licensed and familiar with medical care in the air and on the ground. The ICATT team may include nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, practising nurses, and doctors with experience in neonatal, perinatal, and pediatric intensive care units. However, the ICATT Neonatal Team will be determined based on patient needs and staff availability.

With the latest aviation technology in your life, ICATT not only takes you to the hospital faster and safer but also offers comprehensive support to create a unique and comfortable experience. For more information, contact us at +91-9701111156.

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