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Coimbatore is a major city in Tamil Nadu and is also known as Kovai. This city is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, and it is an important centre for textiles, industry, trade, education, information technology and health centres in Tamil Nadu. Thus the city is densely populated.

Municipal health facilities are good, but there is always a need to get patients to their desired hospitals around the world. This facility is offered to the people of Coimbatore by the highly reliable ICATT Air Ambulance at a very low price. Anyone can easily get an ambulance from the city of Coimbatore with the best medical team.

ICATT Air Ambulance is a renowned name in the air ambulance sector in Coimbatore, India and across the country. Apart from ambulance and emergency aviation facilities, we also offer emergency and non-emergency medical care as well as qualified doctors and aero-medical evacuation experts. Since our inception, we have strived to be true to our goal, making us the premier provider of emergency air transportation services in Coimbatore. The urgent needs of our patients are handled with great care and sensitivity.

This article provided by ICATT Air ambulance provides information about Why ICATT is the Best emergency medical transportation service in Coimbatore.

The Coimbatore Ambulance features:

ICATT Air Ambulance provides with all facility Emergency Medical Transportation assistance in Coimbatore India, aeromedical patients transportation services near me

ICATT Air Ambulance service is available 24/7: ICATT Ambulances are used for people who are very sick. Ambulance planes are used for people who are unable to travel long distances due to age, mobility limitations or illness. Ambulances are also useful for people who live in remote locations or in hard to reach areas that do not have adequate medical facilities. Ambulances are also used for people whose medical needs are not fully covered by ground ambulances.

ICATT has a 24-hour response centre. Our qualified and experienced staff are on duty 365 days a year around the clock to provide support to Coimbatore or passengers requiring ambulance service. We reach our patients from major airports or in their home area. Our patients can access the highest standards of our air ambulance from Coimbatore. 

Intensive Care Unit: Our Coimbatore ICATT air ambulance is like the intensive care unit of a multidisciplinary hospital. We offer cheap charter ambulances in Coimbatore, which has the most modern ICU facilities. An aeroplane/helicopter can be an ambulance complete with medical equipment, including an intensive care unit, oxygen, doctors and emergency equipment, etc. Or it could be a special helicopter equipped with a stretcher to transport the weak. The services we provide by ICATT Air Ambulance are subject to customer requirements.

Our ICU in an air ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art life support systems including

  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • Monitors
  • Continuous Oxygen Supply

ICATT air ambulance updated latest equipment and technology for transportation in India, helicopter emergency medical services near me

ICATT ambulances are up to date with the latest equipment and technology, as well as all devices such as fans, suction pumps, respirators, infusion pumps, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, portable power supplies and more.

Experienced team of doctors and paramedics: We have dedicated doctors and paramedics who monitor and treat patients during transportation. It has specially trained emergency services and experienced doctors, anaesthetists as well as nurses and other emergency Doctors. Also, medical equipment, depending on the patient’s needs, with intensive care units, comparable to international standards and able to reach patients in the shortest possible time.

ICATT emergency services meet global standards and very quality and qualified staff.  Transparent Service: Ready to provide transparent ambulance service from Coimbatore to any city in India. We follow legal guidelines and offer the best possible service for air ambulance services.

ICATT Ambulance is fast and reliable: ICATT employees are rigorously trained to exceed industry standards. We improve our services beyond the critical care aviation centre expected. Offer first-class medical air transport under rare dual accreditation by Medical Transportation Systems Accreditation Commission (CAMTS).

The safest ICATT Air ambulance service: ICATT offers the safest transportation to Coimbatore hospital to any medical facility worldwide. For in-flight professional care, we use portable life-saving devices such as defibrillators, balloon pumps, infusion pumps, pacemakers, ventilators, spine boards, monitors, stretchers and oxygen bottles on board our aircraft.

Consult to ICATT for Best Air Ambulance neonatal transport services in India, aeromedical patients transportation near me

Best Medical Evacuation in Coimbatore:

ICATT is a leading and trusted air ambulance provider. Here are some elements that differentiate ICATT from other medical airlines in Coimbatore:

  • ICATT uses executive quality aircraft equipped with specialized and integrated medical aids.
  • Our Lear jets have an interior environment specially designed for travelling patients and medical staff.
  • We value the comfort and safety of patients and their colleagues.
  • ICATT uses best patient care methods that reduce anxiety or stress and provide much-needed security.

Think of ICATT air ambulance for all your medical needs at Coimbatore:

  • You will love our certified medical air transport team for their experience and willingness to provide the very best in emergency air support.
  • We guarantee safe long-distance medical transportation around the world.
  • Our patients can rely on our emergency flights and specially trained nurses and accompanying doctors during all air transfers.

 How is the ICATT Air Ambulance company in Coimbatore different from others?

Contact for Highly qualified Air Ambulance team to transfer newborns in Coimbatore, flying medical emergency services near me

There are many other air ambulance services in Coimbatore, but what makes ICATT different is their highly qualified team, which consists of experienced and tactical staff and numerous other skilled staff who are always on high alert. We respond to the patient’s urgent needs promptly. You can avail our air rescue services in Coimbatore at the most affordable rates by calling us on our emergency number 9701111156. Talk about ICATT when talking about affordable air ambulance flights in Coimbatore, India. We are one of the top air ambulance service providers in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu for several reasons, and the efficiency of our team speaks for itself. They will be there to help you every step of the way.


ICATT air ambulance in Coimbatore is fully equipped with all emergency medical equipment to deal with emergencies. We also strive to be one of the most affordable ambulance services in Coimbatore. Each of them is well-specialized and has years of experience in the relevant field. This is what encourages them to provide the most satisfying experience to their patients with a variety of excellent services they have.

For more information, contact ICATT air Ambulance at Coimbatore at +91-9701111156.

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