Benefits Of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)In India

In developed countries Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) is widely used because it is the best option in the quick transportation, treatment and stabilization of critically ill and trauma patients within the Golden hour period to higher centres for medical treatment.

Time is essence during a medical emergency. There are many cases where critically ill patients and accident victims, lose their life due to long transit times to a good hospital. Over 80% of the Indian population does not have access to the quality treatment they need, they would need to travel long distances. This journey or transit time further deteriorates their health in critical cases, and unfortunately, passes away.

For an accident victim, It is extremely critical to receive treatment inside the Golden Hour period.  The term “golden hour” is “The first hour after injury which determines the chances of surviving a serious injury.” Access to adequate care during the golden hour significantly increases the chances of survival or better patient recovery.

In a nutshell,  a critically ill patient in from a small city, district or Taluk or a victim of an accident, needs to be transported in the shortest span of time to the higher medical centre for treatment.

Since most smaller cities and rural areas are situated at far distances from the higher medical centres and the need for accident victims to receive medical attention within 1 hour, it is important to use Helicopter Emergency Medical services to help save lives in these scenarios.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service also known as HEMS. HEMS is the most advanced form of Pre-hospital emergency. The Helicopter is really a flying ICU unit that carries HEMS doctors and Paramedics to the spot of incidence which enables doctors to start the treatment at the spot and transport the patient to the hospital by doing so helps increases valuable time.

This blog helps you to learn about the benefits of helicopter emergency medical services in India.

What is the role of Helicopter Emergency Service in India?

ICATT Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in India, High Risk Obstetric Transfers near me

Helicopter Air Ambulance Service in India is an essential branch of medical transportation services because it plays a vital role in medical emergencies in remote areas to move patients to higher medical centres for further treatment.

ICATT understands the operational, financial and medical situations to initiate such a service in India. In fact, ICATT proved the importance of such a service during the Kerala floods as well.

The Scope of HEMS

Services for people in remote areas:

ICATT Air Ambulance services offers rural patient transportation in India, Critical Transit Care services near me

Hospitals are far from remote areas, and access to roads can be difficult. In such cases, the ambulance quickly helps patients who live in remote areas to get medical help. Hilly areas are also vulnerable to landslides and result in many casualties. An air ambulance is a capable vehicle that can quickly bring victims to the hospital or bring paramedics/doctors to the disaster site.

Services for Accident victims:

ICATT Air Ambulance Trauma Emergency Response tream services India, Best Emergency Medical Transportation Service near me

India has one of the highest numbers of fatalities caused by roadside accidents in the world. A high percentage of these fatalities could be reduced if the accident victim got the right treatment at the right time.

HEMS solves this problem by reaching the accident victim in the fastest time possible and then starts the treatment at the spot itself. Essentially HEMS takes the hospital to the injured instead of the other way around. The Helicopter is a flying ICU unit along with highly trained emergency doctors and paramedics that use medical equipment which enables them to start the treatment at the spot of the accident itself.

ICATT’s directors are highly trained HEMS certified doctors in the U.K who have relocated to India to kick start such a service.

The Goal

ICATT Air Ambulance is provides an highly experienced and specialized medical professionals in India, medical patient transportation near me

To save more lives

A quick handover of patients to higher medical centres can save more lives by cutting long travel durations. By starting the treatment for accident victims at the spot increases the chances of survival of the victim. The Goal of HEMS is to Save Lives.

Assistance in organ transportation:

Ambulance flight is significant for organ transportation, especially for organs that need badly for life-saving transplants. Very often, there is a risk that organs will be damaged or disturbed during transport, and air ambulances will help offset this risk.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose ICATT Helicopter Air Ambulance:

  • We have trained emergency doctors extensively.
  • Our medical staff have years of experience in the intensive care unit
  • Our ambulances have the latest medical equipment.
  • We handle travel logistics from start to finish.
  • We have the perfect reputation for providing the best service.

ICATT Air Ambulance Disaster Patient Transportation in India, Air Abmulance Transferring Victims During Kerala Disaster

ICATT has years of experience in emergency medical and natural disaster transportation organizations and can provide the best medical evacuation and air ambulance services. At ICATT, we also know that every second is vital in saving lives. Therefore, we, ICATT, one of the leading medical air ambulances, have access to medical aircraft that are available within 2 hours after the call.

ICATT Air Ambulance aims to offer medical emergency evacuation in the shortest possible time at competitive prices. You can book medical transportation flights with ICATT Air Ambulance at any time through our simple and easy-to-use online platform.


ICATT Air ambulance offers expert services that include assessing patients before their flight and providing appropriate care while traveling. Our flights are equipped with the latest medical technology and our team of experts guarantees smooth and coordinated ground staff to facilitate the transfer of patients from the aircraft to their final destination. We have years of experience in arranging medical air travel in emergencies and major disasters.

ICATT Air Ambulance strives to provide first-class helicopter services with maximum customer satisfaction. Its mission is to provide air ambulance services to patients on planes and helicopters with facilities and high efficiency.

ICATT Air Ambulance services can be contacted either through the website or through the mobile application. We receive calls all the time to help people who seek medical help or need emergency evacuation. Contact us at +91-9701111156 for medical emergency evacuation in India. Our expert team will offer you the fastest service.

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