Do you need an air ambulance in Bangalore?

If the answer is Yes, then you need to take into consideration three aspects.

The 1st being choosing a service with a highly trained aeromedical doctors and paramedics, 2nd being the use of best in class medical equipment as you want to make sure that the ventilators and monitors are not only performing well but also provides a host of features that enable the doctors to use them in case the patient starts deteriorating in the air. The 3rd aspect to look into is the pricing. Air Ambulance service is generally expensive and it’s important that you shop around for the price, however, it’s important to note that most of the air ambulance services in the market are middlemen or agents that work as a liaison between aircraft owners and an extremely ordinary medical team which does not have the experience to shift critically ill patients

ICATT began its mission to introduce and build the infrastructure for air ambulance service’s in India 4 years ago. ICATT’s uses highly trained and competent doctors that have the skill set to transfer critically ill patients. These patients are going through the most challenging time of their lives and the family members need to choose the best medical team they have access to.  

Air ambulances are essential in shifting critically ill patients from and to Bangalore. The ICATT medical team gets an in-depth understanding of the patient’s health history and current condition by discussing the details with the treating doctor. The details are then discussed internally and then our medical team is dispatched to take ownership of the patient.

What Is an Air Ambulance?

ICATT Helicopter Medical Emergency Services in India, Medical transportation near me

An air ambulance is an aeroplane or Helicopter that’s been equipped with medical equipment, and medical personnel that have been trained to transfer critically ill patients and trauma patients from one place to another for medical treatment in the short span of time possible.

Air Ambulance is useful for:

Who needs an air ambulance?

ICATT Air Ambulances Emergency patients transportation in Bengaluru, High Risk Obstetric Transfers near me

Here are some examples of when you might need an air ambulance in an emergency:

Characteristics Of An ICATT Air Ambulance In Bangalore:

ICATT Experts in Air Ambulance for patient care during Transport in India, Flight Emergency Transport Service near me


What ICATT Air Ambulance In Bangalore Offers To Patient:

Our Other Services Based On The Latest Tools Availability namely:

All of these devices are used for patient care.  If you are looking for an instant solution to move a patient with treatment on transport, you can contact ICATT and be sure that you have an extremely professional medical team to take care of the patient.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A ICATT Air Ambulance?

ICATT Air ambulance provides Medical Crew, critical care and ECMO specialists Services in Bengaluru, Neonatal and Paediatric Transfers near me

The cost of an air ambulance is generally on the more expensive side and is influenced by several factors. The most influential aspects are the position of the aircraft on that particular day. The closer the hospital and plane are to the patient, the lower the cost. The commercial air ambulance will be a cheaper option but this service can be availed based on the patient’s condition as extremely critical patients may not be able to be transferred via commercial, however, you might not have this option in an emergency. In this case, regardless of price, it is best to make the first reservation available as time is of the essence during an emergency.

Air Ambulance Service In Bangalore?

ICATT Air ambulance consists of Medical Crew, critical care and ECMO doctors team in India, Trauma Emergency Response near me

ICATT is one of the most trusted services in India especially in Bangalore as it is the headquarters of ICATT and most of the distinguished doctors in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad trust ICATT for the transfer of patients and organs. Everybody needs a complete well-equipped ambulance, and then everyone knows the first company that comes to mind is ICATT Air Ambulance and yes! We have exceptional service that sets us apart.

Please pick up the phone and call us if you need an air ambulance in  Bangalore.


You can choose the ICATT Air Ambulance for the following reasons:

Telephone bookings are also possible to call ICATT at +91-9701111156. We offer 24-hour emergency treatment in the intensive care unit, and the team is always ready to reach you as soon as you call in an emergency.

Book reliable patient transportation in Bangalore at ICATT call us at +91-9701111156. We are ready to take calls and suggestions at any time and answer customer questions.

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