Long-distance travel by air for medical purposes is increasing worldwide. It’s a well established fact that long transfers of critically ill patients further deteriorate their health condition hence air ambulances have become the need of the hour worldwide and especially in India due to its high population and poor connectivity. Over 80% of the India’s population don’t have access to the medical care they require and hence need to be shifted to Hospitals in cities that are extremely far away. This has led to a big demand for air ambulance service’s in India.

Air Ambulance saves valuable time and the medical team on board makes sure that there is no deterioration in the health conditions of the patient.  ICATT uses a highly trained and certified medical team that’s a component to handle highly critical cases.  

ICATT also uses the best in class medical equipment. The ICATT operations team make sure that the operations are carried out in the smoothest and most efficient manner

Once a call made to ICATT, we arrange for the transfer in the fastest possible manner. The end to end transfer from bed to bed is planned and executed by ICATT.

Fixed-wing ambulances provide a safe option for transporting patients who have to travel long distances to hospitals or other medical facilities, or for follow-up care or emergencies. Air Ambulances are an essential part of any medical system in society as they are often the best option for moving patients over long distances.

This article provides An Overview Guide to ICATT Air Ambulance Transport Services. 

Reasons for ICATT Air Ambulance Transport Services:

ICATT Air Ambulance Transport Services in Hyderabad, Helicopter Air Ambulance Services near me

ICATT Air Ambulance Meets the needs of patients during transportation:

Patients have special medical needs that must be handled by the doctor on board  to make sure the vital signs are managed and controlled. ICATT Air ambulance includes a ventilators, monitors, airway control device (laryngoscope, endotracheal tube, tracheostomy tube, etc.), patient monitor, vascular access device, and a sufficient number of oxygen cylinders. Soon ICATT will also have an  intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP), cardiac stimulation device on board.

ICATT Air ambulance Medical Crew and critical care team patient transfer services in India, best Air Ambulance Emergency respond team near me

Medical crew – ICATT Air Ambulance 

ICATT Air ambulance, consists of 1 doctor and 1 paramedic. Depending on the criticality of the case we use doctors that are best suited for that case. These specialists include anaesthetists, intensive care doctors, anaesthetic cardiologist, neonatal specialists, critical care and ECMO specialists. They are trained to handle logistical and administrative issues related to medical air transport in addition to handling emergencies. The choice of the treating doctor depends on the individual case. Hence, the focus of ICATT is on selecting highly motivated employees and training them on how to deal with patients.

How the ICATT Ambulance Can Help:

ICATT Air Ambulance provides Trauma Emergency Response tream in India, 24/7 Medical Emergency Air Ambulance Services around the world

ICATT Air Ambulance is an experienced air ambulance provider. Each ICATT flight crew is made up of highly specialized medical professionals who set up mobile intensive care units on top of our aeroplane or helicopter. Our aircraft are equipped with all the medical equipment needed to treat patients. 

When are ICATT Air ambulances called?

ICATT Air Ambulance Paediatric and Neonatal transfer in Inida, High Risk Obstetric Transportation centre near me

Due to advantages such as speed, safety and quality of care air ambulances are used in various medical scenarios:-

ICATT provides 24/7 services so that you can contact us anytime 

The means of transportation are equipped with high-quality medical equipment, including:

The equipment carried by an ICATT air ambulance exceeds the capabilities of a traditional ambulance.
How safe is an ICATT air ambulance?

FAA-certified safety standards air ambulance services in India, Best Helicopter Air Ambulance Services near me

This is a good question. We have an FAA-certified ambulance to ensure the vehicle is appropriately inspected and meets all required safety standards. We own and manage fleets and offer state-of-the-art medical equipment.

If required before ordering ICATT transportation, review the ICATT company’s safety history by looking for incidents or past claims of abuse against the service on our website. Ask for license information as ICATT is a reliable company that will offer this information freely.

If you need an ambulance, call the ICATT Air Ambulance. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions about ambulance aircraft.


ICATT offers the best and most modern emergency services all over India. The ambulance is available 24/7, 365 days. Currently, ICATT is one of the best and cheapest air ambulance services in India. 

ICATT Air Ambulance India’s world-class medical air transport service enables patients to reach healthcare facilities in record time. We serve our customers and offer them precise, smooth, comfortable, carefree and complete transportation service. 

For more information about Air ambulance and to book ICATT Air ambulance service contact us at +91-9701111156.

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