Air Ambulance Vs Ground Ambulance

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to medical emergencies in India. There are many instances where patients die in emergency medical conditions who could have been saved but were unable to reach the hospital due to approach issues The phrase “Golden Hour” is often said to be the “The first hour after an injury or an emergency which is crucial and where the person has high survival chances.” Access to appropriate care during the golden hour significantly increases the chances of survival or recovery of the patient.

This article, provided by ICATT, gives information about why air ambulance is better than Ground ambulance, and in most cases, these are factors that can cause or destroy a person’s health and they also differ from case to case basis. Let’s have a look!

Unfortunately, the busy streets in our cities block the ground ambulance, due to which the use of emergency medical assistance becomes risky. That is why we offer the most professional and technologically advanced medical and air ambulance services that will ensure that you receive fast with first-class health services on time. All facilities provided are advanced, and our doctors meet the changing requirements and standards.

Many people consider ambulance as a single means of transportation for rescue services. Many people know that helicopters are used to transport patients, but this is not an option for long distances. Therefore, many think that an ambulance is the only choice for individuals. However, our aircraft, which is intensively equipped, is used every day for personal repatriation, especially for long-distance travel.

“The medical patient transportation services at iCATT is one of the prominent Air Ambulance Services provided in India at minimum charges. iCATT Air ambulance provides a dedicated team with trained air pilots and support medical staff to increase the reach of health support during emergencies such as Cardiac-related, Respiratory, Diabetes complications, Gastrointestinal issues, Trauma, Fractures, Allergic reaction and few more medical emergency conditions” – Dr Rahul Singh, Founder of iCATT Air Ambulance Services in India

Health-related Critical situations require clinical solutions immediately. Air ambulance will meet the immediate medical needs of people living in the outskirts far from the city limits. The service iCATT is available to several cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and even smaller cities like Raipur, Goa, Coimbatore, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Madurai, Tiruchi, Raigarh, Vellore, Shillong, Berhampur, Pondicherry, Pune, Nagpur, Patna, and Mysore.

What is Ground Ambulance?

ICATT Air Ambulance Versus Ground Ambulance Transport of Major Trauma Patient in India, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service near me

Ground Ambulance refers to a vehicle that is equipped, cared for, adequately authorized, and used to transport patients through road to their destination for patients, such as hospitals with resources. Land ambulances are ambulances used to transport traumatic or medical patients.

What is an Air ambulance?

Importance Of ICATT air ambulance Emergency Medical Transport Service in India, Flying Medical Emergency services near me

An air ambulance is an airplane usually a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft equipped with specialized medical equipment that allows sick or injured patients to be transported quickly, comfortably, and effectively over long distances or to remote areas. An ambulance has trained medical personnel, medical equipment, and monitoring functions as well as patient-specific flight medicine.

Difference Between Air Ambulance And Ground Ambulance

Advantages and Disadvantages of air ambulance vs ground ambulance, Helicopter Emergency Medical services in Hyderabad


Many people in India consider ground ambulances as a means of transportation that is only available for rescue services. Many people do not use helicopters to transport patients, as many think that it takes time to come to the site. Therefore, many believe that a ground ambulance is the only choice for individuals. However, our aircraft is intensively equipped and is used daily for personal repatriation, especially for long-distance travel. Compared to the traffic in the ground, air transport ambulance is the best. ICATT provides the service on time; if you are willing to have an air ambulance contact us at 9701111156.

Waiting times

Ground Ambulances delayed by barricades and traffic zams Compare Air Ambulance, Emergency Medical transportation services in India

Most of them believe that preparing an ambulance with the pilot and the team of doctors takes longer than ordinary ground ambulances. However, we can do ambulance flights on the same day within the time and safely return patients to their hospital in just a few minutes to hours. In-ground ambulance, the waiting time is high as the roads filled by vehicles.


Many people accept that air ambulance are like airplanes, and they only fly to large airports. They think the transportation of patients by plane takes longer than a ground ambulance. Conversely, many ambulances can fly to smaller, regional, and lesser-known airports that are closer to the patient’s residence. Therefore, the use of ambulances is often beneficial even at short distances.

Passengers and Luggage

Many people choose ground ambulance because they believe that passengers or other baggage cannot be transported by air ambulance. Wrong! While in the vehicle, only one person can accompany the patient and a little luggage, we can take many passengers and luggage in an air ambulance that too depends upon the aircraft used. Still, a compared ground ambulance air ambulance can take several passengers and luggage.


Many doctors believe that patients who need intensive care cannot be transported safely by plane and consider ground transportation the best choice for them. However, many doctors do not know what is technically possible in an air ambulance. Ambulance flight has many advantages: In this way, we can adjust the cabin pressure in the ambulance at ground level, if necessary, to be able to transport seriously ill patients quickly and safely. A plane is often the safest repatriation method. On the road, the risk of accidents is much higher than in the air. The plane flies faster than land ambulances and shortens the patient’s travel time.


Land ambulances are cheaper than air ambulances. However, if you consider other important aspects, such as: fast availability, short waiting times, flexibility, passenger transportation, and other luggage and especially safety, air ambulances stand first.

Why Choose iCATT Air Ambulance Services In India?

Patients who are transported by air ambulance to a hospital have most likely experienced traumatic injuries than those carried by ground ambulance, even though they have more severe injuries and require more operations. Each air ambulance is managed by a complete medical team trained in critical preparedness protocols for emergency victims and patients with serious illnesses.

Like ground ambulance, this air ambulance is specifically designed to transport victims. Several trained and qualified paramedics were explicitly trained to evacuate the air. These teams will be present at all air transfers. This service provides support for all types of accident and emergency patients, including pediatric patients.

All lifesaving equipment will be available onboard, and even the heavy injured patients will be transported by air ambulance.

Benefits of Air Ambulance in India

Benefits Of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)In hyderabad, Critical medical emergency services near me

The Air Ambulance Service in India is essential for medical transportation because it plays a significant role in medical emergencies in remote areas and for the transfer of patients to better health centers. ICATT Aircraft is an airline dedicated to providing the best ambulance service in India in medical emergencies. Benefits of Ambulance in India: Ambulance is an essential service that is very important during medical treatment. The following points will give you the benefits of an air ambulance service:

  • Urgent healthcare
  • Services for people living in remote areas
  • Services for critical patients
  • Transporting patients from one medical facility to another
  • More lives saved
  • Transporting patients from one state to another
  • Transportation of Medical Equipment


We are committed to transport patients by air ambulance services in India and will consider all aspects that are important for safe returns. iCATT strives to provide first-class air service with maximum customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide aviation and helicopter services to patients to equip ambulances with facilities and high efficiency.

Our organization was established to provide emergency services that are comprehensive, fast, reliable, and of high quality. We provide emergency assessment and ambulance distribution, a trained paramedic who ensures the quality of preclinical care and brings patients to the facility appropriate health care.

For the best and better treatment, you can contact ICATT Ambulance Services 9701111156. We offer the service at a very affordable price and thus save a patient’s valuable life.

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