Imagine a critically ill or severely traumatized patient requiring an oxygen pump, IV fluids, respiratory support, and medical supervision. What happens if he is in a wheeled ambulance. Imagine how hard it could be for the patient to tolerate the pain and for the family members to see their loved ones in such a situation. At that moment, everyone wishes to reach the hospital as quickly as possible. In situations like this is when air ambulances play a crucial role. Air ambulances provide the ancillary care to keep the patient going on and reduce the time taken to transport the patient to a hospital.

An air ambulance is an aeroplane or a helicopter which response to medical emergencies needing immediate re-location of patients to a medical facility located far off. Air ambulances usually have equipment that allows the paramedics to provide the necessary treatment for patients who are seriously injured or sick. This treatment includes respirators, medicines, E.C.G. and monitoring, C.P.R. equipment, stretchers, etc.

Air ambulance service providers such as ICATT Ambulance assist in picking up patients from remote areas and transporting them to medical facilities that are far away or transporting patients to medical facilities close to the patients’ residence. At ICATT Air Ambulance, we offer high-quality rescue services for critical care. The commitment and expertise of our group enable us to deliver the quality of our services we promise to our customers.

ICATT Air Ambulance offers services in India, 24X7. Patients or hospital representatives contact us via telephone, send an email to the Operations Center, where the flight coordinator helps ascertain medical needs and estimates transfer costs. The Operations Center determines the type of air transportation. This article provides information about air ambulance service and the care offered inflight.

Services offered by Air Ambulance:

ICATT Air ambulance consists of Medical Crew, critical care and ECMO specialists in hyderabad, air medical ambulance services near me

An ambulance is for patients transportation and for providing the necessary treatment enroute to the hospital. However, an air ambulance consists of a team of trained medical professionals who deliver the required first-aid/ancillary treatment that not only makes it easy for the treating physician to offer further treatment but also saves time.

The following cases are handled/cared for in an air ambulance:

Experts in an air ambulance for patient care during transport:

ICATT Air Ambulance provides an highly experienced and specialized medical professionals for mobile intensive care units in India

ICATT is one of the leading air ambulance service providers dedicated to transporting patients. The aircraft used for air ambulance transportation is under regulations framed by the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) or by a foreign equivalent certification authority and has the latest cardiac life support systems. The nursing staff consists of registered nurses who are ACLS certified (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and have extensive training in providing intensive care as a flight nurse. ICATT Air Ambulance can provide emergency and cardiological services, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and highly qualified pediatric and neonatal nurses who are ready to offer their services pan-India.

Air ambulance is an ideal mode of transporting patients, whether it is transporting a critically ill patient from a remote location or moving a patient to a hospital, which is closeby. The point of emphasis here is that both comfort and agility matter the most when it comes to patient transport. In times of emergency, using an air ambulance, one can eliminate the traffic and time, which are very crucial in saving lives.

A coordinated approach to high-quality care:

ICATT air ambulance Patient Care During Transportation in India, Flying Medical Transportation Services near me

ICATT offers 24X7 service, pan-India, with fully coordinated bedside to bedside transportation. The medical staff member consults with the patient’s doctor and provides the appropriate medical team and equipment. Most flights are equipped with the latest equipment, including oxygen, suction and infusion pumps, breathing and intubation devices, fans, pulse oximeters, heart monitors, defibrillators, and heart medications. We coordinate all aspects of transportation, including land transportation and the provision of records for health facilities.

ICATT arranges comprehensive medical care featuring:

What makes ICATT different for other air ambulance services?

ICATT Air Ambulance provides an highly experienced medical professionals in mobile intensive care units during patient transporation in India, best air ambulance services near me

There are many other rescue service providers in Hyderabad, but what distinguishes ICATT from others is a dedicated and trained team of paramedical consisting of experienced and tactical staff and a large number of highly qualified staff who are always available. You can use our air rescue service in Hyderabad at the best price by contacting us at our emergency number. Talk about the ICATT when talking about affordable ambulances in Hyderabad, India. We are one of the best air ambulance service providers in Hyderabad, Telangana, and the effectiveness of our team speaks volumes. They will be there to help you at every step of your need.


Air ambulance does not just mean transporting patients from one place to the other for availing better medical treatment. They help you get faster service. The willingness of resources to provide services makes facilities more profitable for people. So, don’t miss the opportunity to save a patient’s precious time and life.

ICATT has experience in transporting patients by air ambulance plays an essential role in the ambulance field in Hyderabad. This service is valuable for family members who are afraid to move their patients safely and fastly if you need emergency transportation for patients! Then contact ICATT, the pioneering goal is to hire a reliable service. We treat patients, and our experienced medical team completes this process. Contact us at +91-9701111156 directly to get these air services that offer cheap and sophisticated rescue services throughout India.

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