An organ transplant is a procedure that replaces a failed or damaged organ (due to illness or injury) surgically with another organ donated by a healthy person. The process of organ transplantation requires many medical tests to know the organ’s suitability for both the donor and the recipient. Therefore, it becomes challenging to find the right partner for the organ transplant. Organ transplants, although a miraculous find, was sadly limited by the timely transport of organs. In scenarios where organ transplant demand exceeds the supply, timely organ transport is essential. Air ambulances play a vital role in such transportation.

This article provided by ICATT gives information about Why is an air ambulance required for organ transplant surgery? 

What is an air ambulance?

An air ambulance is a medical transportation unit that can transport organs from one location to where the organ recipient is being treated. Ambulance aircraft are short-range and fixed-wing helicopters for international or domestic use. Air ambulance services are available on call.

What is the role of the air ambulance in organ transplantation?

Finding transplanted organs on your own is quite tricky. If you are lucky enough to find a suitable donor, you certainly don’t want to risk the recipient’s life because of a slowing down of the vehicle. The air ambulance is 100% safe for sensitive organs such as the kidneys and liver. The choice of an air ambulance is essential in the transportation process. It is necessary to ensure that planes and pilots are always on hand and take off on time.

Why is an ambulance needed for organ transplants? 

There are several scenarios where ambulance transportation is the only way an organ recipient can successfully reach the transplant facility from home on time.

ICATT Air Ambulance offers ambulance transportation for organ transplants. When an organ donor dies, there is very little time to remove and transport their organs for transport to the recipient. If this window is pulled out or there is a delay, organs can be lost. This means that patients who have been waiting for these organs remain on the waiting list. If no other matches are found quickly, they can die waiting. Even if a different match is found, a set of missing organs still means a person won’t get the transplant they so desperately need. An average of 20 people dies each day while waiting for the organ transplant list.

When you need to get organs to a recipient fast, you need the proper means of transport. Ground transportation takes a long time. If the body has to travel a considerable distance, this doesn’t seem like an option. Although the distance is not significant, traffic jams or even cool weather can cause life and death for recipients on the organ donation list.

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ICATT Air Ambulance is a fast and reliable way to transfer organs from one medical centre to another. Our fleet can deliver in just two hours. Each ambulance aircraft is equipped with the most modern equipment and is operated by experienced pilots. Each aircraft is ready to fly, even in the shortest time, and is equipped with all the necessary equipment to transport organs safely from one destination to another. There is no need to coordinate flights as well as medical staff and transportation control staff. ICATT Air Ambulance provides the necessary staff and medical equipment.

Our professional staff takes care of all aspects of ambulance transportation. They coordinate all necessary ground transportation, customs and immigration clearances, airport permits, etc. They take care in planning and coordinating the transfer of doctors and other health care professionals. Our team also includes health insurance professionals who are willing to work with doctors and patient relatives for appropriate compensation and protection. Every ambulance flight has a medical director. This director will lead a team consisting of other staff and various medical staff, depending on transportation type.

ICATT Air Ambulance offers many other options for medical air transportation. This includes medical support and coordination of commercial flights, charter flights by particular aircraft and ambulance transfers for patients in emergencies and emergencies.

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Air ambulance advantage in organ transport

Ambulance planes are an essential means of transport for patients. Still, they serve to deliver organs to recipients on time and can also carry transplanted organ recipients to where the organs are waiting. This can be very stressful for anyone who needs suitable organs, and ambulances can save their lives. Other advantages of ambulance planes are:


ICATT Air Ambulance is the leading provider of emergency and non-emergency medical services for air travel all throughout the country.

ICATT Worldwide Air Ambulance knows that patients enrol/registered at any transplant centre of their choice, no matter where they live in the country. Whether you are a transplant patient or provider, the last thing to worry about is organizing an organ transplant trip. We are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ICATT is working to break down barriers to help patients complete the life-saving transplant they have been waiting for. The ICATT team works with medical sending and receiving facilities to coordinate everything from ground transportation to the hospital needed to make air ambulance flights more accessible.

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