Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)

A highly trained team of Critical care and Emergency medical doctors and paramedics who are transported by a helicopter, to land in the vicinity of a critically ill patient to save a life, stabilise and then transport to a major hospital for further treatment. This intervention helps patients get first aid and survive the journey to the medical center.

It is the most advanced form of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and is a critical part of the medical services in developed countries. HEMS is a service that has proved itself as a single most important factor in reducing the rate of preventable deaths in developed countries during roadside accidents and major disasters.

HEMS not only includes years of medical training but also includes a high degree of operational planning and implementation.

How cost effective it’s going to be?

This service is for emergencies. It would be practically impossible and ethically wrong, to ensure payment for the service before deploying it. None of the Medical insurance products covers it at this stage. Therefore, the complete cost of setting the service up and delivering it would have to be covered by the State. As mentioned earlier, the cost of such a service for the entire state to run non stop, for 4 years would be less than the government expenditure in establishing one district general hospital.

List of Services offered by ICATT International Air Ambulance
services in India:

  • End to end international patient transfer
  • Fast and reliable evacuation
  • Immediate medical treatment during travelling
  • NICU services
  • Organ retrieval from anywhere to anywhere
  • International emergency medical escort services
  • In-Flight Ambulance Services throughout the journey
  • Specially trained flying medics and aeromedical staff
  • Stabilizes the patient’s critical condition
  • Fully-equipped emergency care medical equipment
  • Transfer the patient within minimum time

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International Air ambulance cost in India

The cost of the international air ambulance in India may vary depending on the several factors which include

  • Number of hours travelled
  • Type of aircraft used
  • Distance travelled
  • Number of medical assistance staff
  • Airport landing charges
  • Requirement of other types of medical transfer facilities

Why Choose ICATT to get the International air ambulance services?

  • Available 24/7 hours 365 days
  • Reliable medical transfer services
  • 2000+ saved lives
  • Our team includes medical professionals like expert cardiologists, neonatal and pediatric specialists, ECMO specialists, & more
  • Significantly fast
  • Immense experience in transferring the patients in time
  • Available with the complete bed to bed transfer
  • Only medical air ambulance company in India with Internationally trained doctors and paramedics.
  • No distance limit
  • World wide aviation network
  • Cost-effective and affordable for everyone
  • Unburdening medical transportation
  • No hidden charges and extra charges
  • Provides wheelchair assistance
  • Safety assurance
  • Available with a medical escort
  • Can transfer to anywhere in the world
  • Available for emergency and non-emergency conditions also

How does ICATT work to provide an International air ambulance service?

  • Contact the ICATT emergency number to raise a request for air ambulance services, then the team will ask about the present situation of the patient.
  • After collecting the patient’s information, the emergency team will confirm your request and will forward it to the medical assistance team.
  • We send our emergency medical care assistant staff over the patient’s responsibility as soon as possible.
  • After reaching the location, the emergency medical care experts will discuss the patient’s health condition with family members.
  • Our doctor stabilizes the patient and works closely associated with the consulting hospital for an end-to-end transfer.
  • The patient is under the supervision of our emergency medical care team while travelling.
  • The patient is shifted to the concerned healthcare destination using private aircraft or commercial air stretchers
  • The complete process may take 10-15 minutes.

Medical Care and Facilities Available in ICATT International Air Ambulance Services in India:

  • State of the art stretcher beds which are flexible for every patient while transferring
  • Experienced medical surgeons and certified paramedical staff, including expert cardiologists, neonatal and pediatric specialists, and ECMO specialists to stabilize the patient’s emergency health condition
  • The advanced medical care equipment includes a cardiac monitor, a mini ICU, an infusion pump, a ventilator, a nebulizer machine, suction machine, oxygen cylinders, etc.
  • Deals with the Life-threatening situation

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